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Four Sex and the City inspired hairstyles

Can you believe it? It has been 20 years since Sex and the City began. This series (and then films) was not just about fabulous fashion and New York City but a group of women that took no nonsense and were there for each other. They were very different but so interesting to watch. We cannot deny part of that interest is because, no matter what they got up to, they always did it with their unique style. From flamboyant to preppy it was interesting to see how what they wore really matched their personalities and set so many trends. So in honour of the show today we are going to do a hair tutorial for each of our favourite characters.



The Carrie

We all know Carrie is famous for her big hair and bigger attitude. Carrie was anything but flat so if you aren’t sure your hair will be thick enough pop your hair extensions in and pin all of the fronts of your hair out of the way for now. Take the sections of hair in front of your ears and neckline, tease the roots and crimp them. This will add some detail that will look stunning. Release the rest of your hair hairspray and curl it, remember to pin the curls whilst they are hot and let them cool. Let them down when they are and run your fingers through them to create big waves. To complete the look separate the middle sections (use the arch of your eyebrows as a guide) and pin it back so it is smooth.



The Samantha

Samantha doesn’t need to have a big style to bring out her personality, she has no problem letting that out herself. She wears her hair just below her collarbones, a bit like an outgrown bob. So if you are thinking of growing out your bob, this might be for you. Samantha’s hair might look straight but it actually isn’t. The best way to achieve this look is to ‘straighten’ your hair with a blow-dryer and a round brush so you can gently roll the ends towards you. This looks great with the ends swept back away from your face, it makes your hair look super flowy. If you have ha fringe Samantha was all about the side fringe to draw attention to her eyes. Make sure there are no flyaways, Samantha would not have suffered this.


The Charlotte

Charlotte is famous for her classy, timeless look so this style is perfect for a dinner or special occasion. She has thick deep chocolate locks so I would suggest an option for Cliphair’s dark brown extensions. Always glossy and fabulous add some serum to dry hair, particularly your ends. Curl your locks with the large end of the barrel and, once cool, gently comb them together in a 1940’s Hollywood look. If you want to go really Charlotte you can add a headband to complete the look.





The Miranda

Miranda takes no nonsense so it makes sense that her’s is the most functional hairstyle. She has always gone for the shorter lock that is characterised by two things her flaming colour and a side part. There are two things you can do for a Miranda look, you can straighten your hair so that it is face framing or scrunch some mousse into your locks whilst they are damp. This is her version of a day to night and I have to say she rocks it.


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