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DIY texture spray for your ‘undone’ looks

Authored By Katie O' Connor

Undone looks are really popular this time of year particularly with beach waves or bohemian up-do hairstyles. This is brilliant for giving your hair more body and can help to give your hair extensions that ‘new look’ you may be after (even help hold curls). Many people often confuse dry shampoo and texture spray, yes they both have slightly drying qualities, but they are used very differently. They both are applied to dry hair bun unlike dry shampoo texture spray can be applied all over and does soak up hair oils like dry shampoo. That makes it the perfect tool for seemingly weightless and voluminous hair.


If you are sick of buying it at a shop or just want to try to make it yourself, keep reading this DIY tutorial.




The ingredients

this is essentially a recipe so I thought it would be easy to set out like one. The ingredients are

  • 4 drops of lavender oil (make sure it is 100% pure so that it doesn’t damage your hair). This is easy to get online and pretty much any health food shop
  • ¾ of a cup of warm water. Warmer water helps the salt to dissolve and the oil to separate.
  • 2 teaspoons of avocado oil. This is great for moisturising your hair. If you aren’t able to find it at your local food shop, olive oil is also great for locking in moisture.
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt. This is what is going to create the texture. Sea salt and table salt are different and will have different results so make sure that you have sea salt.



The tools

There aren’t many tools that you will need to make this spray just make sure you are in a bathroom, or somewhere where spillage is not a problem. I like to be really precise with my measurements so I would say use a measuring cup and you will need a bottle to spray the texture spray onto your locks.



The process

Bring the water to a simmer and whisk in the sea salt into the water until it is completely dissolved. Once the water is clear stir in your oil and then your lavender so that the oil does not appear to be separated from the water. Once the water has cooled down a little (so that it does not burn the spray bottle) pour your texture spray into the spritz bottle.


The application

This really depends on what type of hairstyle you are trying to create. As I mentioned earlier it is not designed to go on your head or roots but the rest of the length of the hair is suitable. The key is to shake the bottle before application so that all the texture spray elements are mixed properly. I always use more on any areas of my hair that might be flatter or more oily and scrunch my hair after application. Obviously, everyone’s hair is different but I find this works really well to get air into my hair and help with the volume.





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