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DIY Festival Inspired Flower Crown

Now Glasto has happened the festival season and summer is officially here! With the season in full bloom we see the return of the season’s greatest accessory, the flower crown. We may love flowers but we love crowns even more, fitting for a summer party queen. They make look super delicate and amazing in the shops but these colourful crowns are easy to make with only a few items, the hardest things you will need to do choose the petals that will suit your style and get yourself a ticket to an amazing summer party.




The petals for your crown

whether you are wanting to doll up an outfit for a barbecue or want the perfect accessory to compliment your extensions at a wedding. You will need to get some different coloured material for your flowers, silk is the best if you want your flowers to look more realistic. This may be a little more pricy but it so worth it. You if you are worried about cutting your material into good enough shapes to pass as flowers get pre-made flowers at a craft store or even a garden centre. Thin great wire will help your create your base and floral tape is easy to get online to help you attach your flower.




It’s all about the base

this crown is not a one size fits all situation just as your head is not the same size as everyone else’s.  So, our first step is to create a base that I comfortable, fits perfectly and is easy to take on and off. This will feel so weird wrapping the wire around your head but on the bright side you only have to do it once. After you have the basic shape make three extra rounds to make sure that your crown is sturdy enough to hold your flowers.




The flower in your crown

When organising your flowers your want to place your largest flowers first, that way you know how many smaller flowers you will need to fill the gaps. Cut the stem of your first blossom so that it is the right height. now place it in the desired direction on the wire crown frame. Using your thin wire wrap around the stem of your flower tightly and wrap it to your crown to secure. If your wire is very strong you may need to cut it with some pliers.




Building up your crown

Continue adding and layering the flowers on top of and next to each other until your crown starts to look full and colourful. You can either create a half crown just around the top or continue all the way around the circle. If you want to leave an open space at the bottom of your crown you will need to wrap the exposed wire with floral tape so it doesn’t catch on anything or pull your hair. The good thing about the floral tape is that it is the same colour as your base so it is super easy to blend. Now you have your crown you have to b a true party queen.

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