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Dip Dyed Celebs – Steal Their Style

Dip Dyed Celebs – Steal Their Style

The ombre look has been doing the rounds in Celebsville for quite some time now. It was huge back in early 2014, when everybody from Natalie Portman to Lea Michele was snapped sporting what was referred to as the bottle ‘bronde.’ This dip dye look, characterised by a darker tone on top and a lighter one at the tips took the world by storm, and soon everybody was rocking ombre tresses.

Whilst the trend did seem to disappear for a while, it looks to be making a welcome return. In the last few months, fashion icons and stars like Beyoncé, Mila Kunis, Blake Lively, and Jessica Alba have all tried it. If you want to steal the style, you are in luck – it is an easy look to achieve. It does take a bit of care and attention though, so you might want to rope in a friend to help.

Dip Dying On The Fly

For girls with fairly mousy hair, the bronde dip dyed look can work wonders. It will lift up and enhance the natural tones in your tresses, whilst also giving them a much needed colour boost. We recommend that you start with a darker blonde colour to begin with, especially if this is your first experiment with bronde hair – bleach blonde shades are harsher on the skin, and there is a greater risk of looking like Lindsay Lohan on a bad day. The best technique is to individually treat each highlight, rather than dip dye your whole head.


you can view first two images here and the last one here

Kicking It Ombre Style

After about three or four weeks (following the dye job), your natural hair should begin to grow out and into the blonde highlights. This is exactly what you want to happen, and the more your natural and artificial colours blend, the better the ombre effect will look. You shouldn’t worry too much about how your hair looks immediately after dying, because this style rewards girls with a little patience. Whilst Beyoncé might have the cash to skip the waiting game, this is a cheap and effective ombre method which can be replicated on the cheap.

Brondes Have More Fun

The dip dyed style works wonders for girls who tend to find that the over-bleached look leaves them a little pale and washed out in the face. If you have very warm coloured eyes, you will probably find that this is the case. Fortunately, the bronde trend is the perfect way to experiment with the age old adage that blondes have more fun. The key to this style is achieving a relaxed, sun kissed effect – you aren’t aiming for a super artificial, all over dye job.


you can view first two images here and the last one here

Rocking The Short Locks

For girls with shorter hair, the ombre look can be achieved – it just needs a little something extra. In fact, this style can end up being easier to replicate for short haired gals, because ClipHair has a whole range of pre-dyed clip in extension pieces ready to buy from our online store. There is no fuss, no mess, and no at home dying to deal with, as these pieces are ready to go. This is a much more practical way to achieve beautiful bronde looks, and it’s a look that will stay low maintenance too.

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