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Create your cc hair mask to help your hair grow faster

We have all heard of cc creams but I had not heard about cc hair masks until recently. Cc creams on your face help you correct imperfection and hide flaws and the idea is similar for cc hair masks but instead of hiding your hair as it tries to make it stand out more. The best thing about a cc hair mask is that you can make it yourself. It will make your hair grow and improve your hair’s health so if you want fab hair keep reading this step-by-step hair mask tutorial.



Step 1: Go to the shops
This sounds silly but, hey, you might not have these ingredients in your house. This hair mask is only made of two ingredients so it is super easy. You need to get your hands on some cayenne pepper and coconut out (c+c). make sure that you get an organic version of these or at least a good quality version otherwise, it won’t work as well.


Step 2: prepare your hair mask
This hair mask is so easy to create but as it does involve pepper I would advise you do a patch test (as you would with trying anything new). I have quite a sensitive scalp so instead of putting the regular 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder I only use 1 teaspoon. To massage this into your scalp you will need approximately 50 grams. Before you add these together make sure you melt the oil so that the pepper combines with it evenly. Once they are mixed together add to a jar and leave in a cool dark place for 1 week. This help oil and pepper blend and work off each other properly.


Step 3: Application
Now that your hair mask has rested/infused it is time to use it on your hair. You will know it is ready because the colour of the oil will have changed to a light red shade. To apply it to your scalp using your fingers and move your fingers around in a circular movement. You will feel a little tingling, that is completely normal as it is the cayenne working. After you have massaged your scalp for a couple of minutes put on a shower cap and let the set for half an hour. After your mask has been in for 30 minutes it is time to wash it out with your shampoo and conditioner. This is all you need to do in terms of application and, although it takes a little time, it isn’t hard at all.


Step 4: Time to Repeat
Like doing anything. If you do it once you may see some impact but it won’t go the whole way to getting the result you desire. It is the same with your hair growth routine. I would make a slightly bigger batch at the beginning at the beginning if you know you have a lot of hair growth and strengthening to do. The best way to do this mask is once a week for 3 months. Take a picture of your hair length every time and you will be super impressed at how well it works.

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