I love this season, it feels like the city is never asleep with so many parties going on. No two weekends are the same and everybody is busy socialising. When you are seeing so many friends and taking so many pictures it makes sense that you want to look your best, today I want to give you some inspiration about how to style your hair for a Christmas party. I personally love Christmas so I like to make a little bit more effort than a regular party. I don’t care if it is work, friends or family, I like to look my best. This look is an absolute gem and I would love to see you all rocking it so please show your style off by #wearcliphair.



This look is great with second-day hair with some dry shampoo sprayed in. this not only soaks up any unwanted hair oils but helps you gain a little height to your roots. I then put in a full set of my chestnut Cliphair extension in. I used clip-in extensions but you can use tape in hair extensions just as well. Brush to blend then add some heat protecting serum, we are going to turn up the heat. You are going you create large curls draped away from your face.

Create your braids

Create a centre part then take a small section of hair on either side of your part about an inch from your hairline. Split you section into half then take a small section from the left half, take it under and connect it with the right half. Do the same on the other side, take a small section from the right half and cross it under to join the inside of the left half. Take some hair from underneath to add to your braid as you travel down and back, this will ensure your braid looks full and remains tight. Secure your braid with a clear elastic before your repeat on the other side. Tug on the rows of your braids to they look fuller and give them more texture.


Pump it up

Take a small section of hair on either side of your centre part, right at the crown of your head. You are you going to spray this section with hairspray then divide this section into rows, gently teasing each row at the roots. Smooth over the top in and pin this section in place so that it lifted and doesn’t move. Cross the braids you created over at the back and pin them in place before you take out the hair ties. If you need to add more pins, now is the time to do it.

Finishing off

To finish the look you just have to touch up the curls in the hair that is left down. This is specifically important for the face-framing strands of hair. You can make these a little tighter to draw attention to your eyes. Don’t forget to spray the curls so they stay in place.

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