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Buying Hair Extensions Online: How Do You Make the Right Choice?

Buying Hair Extensions Online

Hair extensions come in all sorts of colours, materials and lengths and buying them without physically seeing them may seem daunting. Besides, your hair makes a big impact on how you look so we understand just how important it is to you. That’s why today, we are arming you with the knowledge you need to know for when you are buying hair extensions online and how to make the right choice. You can buy great human hair extensions that offer you the same quality or even better quality hair than some salons online. The key to successful real hair extensions buying is knowing what to look for and know where to find the best quality hair available.

Navigate the world of online hair extension shopping with Cliphair's expert advice. Arm yourself with knowledge on making informed choices, identifying high-quality extensions, and ensuring a successful online purchase experience. Discover the best quality hair extensions with Cliphair's guidance!

Step 1: Know the material you are buying

Buying Hair Extensions Online

When it comes to hair extensions; there are two types; human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions are made with only human hair, while with synthetic hair uses synthetic materials such as animal hair and plastic.

You will be able to wash, dye or use heat tools on human hair extensions as you would with your own natural hair. When buying human hair extensions, Remy hair is the best option. With Remy hair, the hair cuticle layers are all facing the same direction from root to end and, therefore, do not tangle. This also ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair, blending in superbly with yours, as with synthetic hair extensions will not be able offer you a natural looking blend with your own hair.

You can often see the difference between synthetic hair and human hair extensions. Synthetic hair usually has an unnatural sheen and has a coarse feel to the touch. If unsure if you have bought synthetic hair extensions instead of human hair extensions, you can test the quality of the hair easily at home. You can try the burn test where you literally burn the hair; if the hair is synthetic, the hair will turn into hard plastic-like balls and melt into each other while human hair will burn and diminish and turn into ash, as would natural hair.

Step 2: Know the length and weight you want

Buying Hair Extensions Online

Hair extensions are renowned for their ability to add volume and length to hair. However, it is a bit more difficult to blend your hair extensions and find a perfect match when you’re not sure which hair will blend well with your hair and texture.

You can easily blend long hair extensions to mid-length hair, however if you have short hair it can be a little tricky. We recommend getting extensions for short hair if your natural hair is at least three to five inches long so it’s easier to blend it into your natural hair for a seamless look. For a natural finish, it is best to mix lengths for layers, to help to balance shorter lengths with longer lengths so your overall look won’t appear uneven. Read how to choose the right length of hair extensions here.

We know understanding the grams when buying hair extensions can seem overwhelming, so we created a handy guide on how to choose the right hair extensions for thin and fine hair, and another for those with medium and thick hair.

You should always consider the texture of your hair and the grams you need before buying your hair extensions as this determines how the hair extensions will blend.

Step 3: Get the right colour match

Buying Hair Extensions Online

When searching for a colour match, always use the mid to end lengths of your own locks; never try to match with the roots. This is brand new hair and it naturally lightens as it ages, so you’ll end up with two conflicting shades. To get the best colour match, use hair extension colour matching service for best results.

The one thing to remember is that you should never look for a hair colour match using the tone of your natural roots. This hair is the newest on your body, so it hasn’t naturally lightened yet like the rest.

If you buy your hair extensions according to this tone, you will end up with a product that is too dark. Plus, good hair extensions are designed to fit beneath natural hair, so the colour of your roots doesn’t have to be a perfect match.

The benefit of shopping for clip in hair extensions online is that retailers offer customers the chance to return and swap their product if they get the colour match slightly wrong. Better still, at Cliphair we offer a hair extensions colour matching service where you can email pictures of yourself as well as a sample of your hair, so our colour matching experts can find the perfect match.

You can use our colour chart to find a match for your tresses too! Some people are better than others at judging colour matches, so seek a second opinion if you’re unsure. Here’s our detailed guide on how to pick the right colour of hair extensions.

If you do pick up some clip in extensions and you don’t like the colour or you want to experiment with something new, the option to dye them is open. Your hair extensions must be made out of real hair though for this to work. You should treat it in the same way as you would any dye job. If it’s real hair, it can be genuinely damaged, so take care and only dye infrequently. The same rules apply to using heat based styling products; take care and be kind to your hair (real or fake). You can dye hair extensions up to three shades darker.

Types of hair extensions

tape in hair extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Human Hair Extensions

Micro Ring, Loop & Bead Hair Extensions

Remy Royale Weave Weft Hair Extensions

Remy Royale Weave Weft Hair Extensions

Try something new

Buying Hair Extensions Online

You don’t necessarily have to dive straight into a full head of extensions, particularly if you’re new to it all. You can pick up a pre-styled ponytail, a clip in fringe, or even a set of clip in highlights. You can wear one clip in extension or two; the choice is yours to make. This type of hair accessory is valuable, because it allows a person to completely change their look without having to commit to a permanent and drastic haircut.

Where to buy hair extensions online?

We understand that searching for human hair extensions online can be overwhelming. That’s why we ship worldwide! Your hair extensions are shipped from our UK HQ. Each and every single order for hair extensions is processed right here in the UK, and standard shipping is free for orders over £30. 


How confident are you buying hair extensions online? Let us know or ask as any further questions you may have on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair to show off your hair extensions.

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