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Braids fit for royalty, how to make you feel like a queen on your happy day

Braids fit for royalty, how to make you feel like a queen on your happy day
Authored By Katie O' Connor


Even if you are not about to get married, this style is a look that you will want to try. I am usually all about the low key looks that look fab for everyday wear without taking too much time to create. Today I wanted to mix things up. For me, I am always busy but when I do make time to make a style that is special, I feel incredible! With the seasons changing is can often feel like we need something to boost our spirits. This is the style that can help you so just that. It flows beautifully and looks intricate so keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair

Step number 1: Preparation

It wouldn’t be a royal inspired look without long flowing locks. So many of us are chopping off our locks to create nice bobs so add your Cliphair extension to get the length. Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles.

Step number 2: The front section

Gather hair near the temples and tie the rest out of the way. Take the left-hand section first and twist it as you angle it towards the back. Don’t forget to pinch your twist to make it larger. Drape it around the back and pin it in place on the right side. Do the same thing on the right side, create another 2 twists, one on each side.



Step number 3: The braid


Now your twists are sorted and looking amazing, it is time to focus on the rest of your hair. Divide your hair into three equal parts. Divide the left third into three equal parts and create a three-strand braid down to the bottom. Secure and pull on the braid to make it thicker. Repeat this process on the left side.

You can do the same with the middle section but it looks much better if you mix it up a little so why not try a fishtail or rope braid instead. Use your bobby pins to line the braids up and pin them together. If you weave the pins in and out of the braids it keeps it the most secure. I think it looks the best if the middle braid is a little above the side braids. Once they are pinned together take the hair ties out from the bottom and secure them together with one clear hair tie before wrapping some hair around it and pinning the hair in the back visit Fly Carpet Hawaii.

Add some hairspray and you are finished!


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