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Best Hair of the Golden Globes 2015

This month saw the return of the Golden Globes, and a whole host of truly stunning red carpet looks from our favourite celebrity guys and girls. For weeks leading up to a high profile ceremony like this one, excitement builds over what colour dress Emma Stone will turn up wearing, or which designer Keira Knightley will choose to rock up looking fantastic in – not that she ever manages to look anything but radiant and beautiful.

Is Angie going to go big, and show off some serious leg again? Will George Clooney be put in the shadows by his new superstar of a wife? Will Jennifer Aniston silence her doubters (as she does every single year) and show up looking every inch the Hollywood babe? These are questions which need to be answered, and they finally were at the 2015 Golden Globes last weekend.

Here is a ClipHair guide to the very best looks of the night, and a handy hint or three on how you can steal them for yourself.

Keira Knightley

This talented lady is bound to be disappearing from the big screen for a little while soon, as she is expecting her first child with Klaxons frontman James Righton. For now though, she continues to walk the red carpet looking every inch the screen siren that we all know and love. This look is simple, but it perfectly complements her delicate makeup and light coloured gown – a more intricate look than this sweet, romantic updo (with a sweep to the side) could have been a little too heavy. It is a great style for girls with shorter hair, because it manages to look super feminine and elegant without the need for a lot of length or volume.


you can view first two images here and the third one here

Jessica Chastain

The age of the Hollywood redhead is well and truly back, especially if beauties like Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams have anything to say about it. They both walked the red carpet wearing tumbling, waterfall style curls – made all the more striking by their fiery tones – but in our opinion, it was Chastain who really turned heads on the night. With this old school style, she has dared to go just a little bigger than Adams, and the risk has paid off. To steal this look, pick up an 18 or 20 inch clip in hair piece, and get those curling irons out. If you don’t like the idea of using heat, put your tresses in big rollers and leave them in overnight.

Rosamund Pike

As the current golden girl of Hollywood, after her star turn as Amy Elliott Dunne in Gone Girl, it is fair to say that all eyes are on Rosamund Pike. It has yet to be seen whether or not she will be amongst those celebrating a win after the Oscars, but at least her ability to pull off a great hairstyle has never been in doubt. With such fine and delicate features, this English rose is able to rock all kinds of different looks – gentle curls, poker straight tresses, and the ever popular lob. For a slightly longer version of this style, pick up a 15 inch extension piece, and work in a razor straight side parting.


you can view first two images here and the third one here

Emily Blunt

It was definitely time for the British to shine at the 2015 Golden Globes, and all of our girls looked wonderful – none more so than the Queen herself, Helen Mirren. There is also room for another honourable mention in Looper and Adjustment Bureau star Emily Blunt. Like Keira Knightley, she kept it mostly simple, but accessorised her brunette locks with a pair of delicate half-braids. We are awfully fond of the braided updo here at ClipHair, especially when it is carried off with such style, and it is also the case that this is a pretty easy look to create, once you get used to the fiddly bits. You can draft in a friend with an extra pair of hands to help you, if you find yourself struggling.

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