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Best Christmas Stocking Fillers

by Melodi Coskuntuna

Best Christmas Stocking Fillers

chritstmas stockings

Finally, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
We can now start listening to Christmas songs, wear colourful jumpers and eat all the gingerbread cookies! Well, that’s what Christmas is all about right!
Oh wait! The presents! Did you finish your Christmas shopping yet? You haven’t? Don’t worry! We’ve prepared you the best list for Christmas stocking fillers!

Must have for dry and damaged hair

Our all-time favourite hair moisturiser is going to be the best present for those who have dry or damaged hair. If your friend is suffering from split ends or their hair always gets frizzy, they will love our moisturising and nourishing hairspray.
As everyone’s skin is different, some people naturally have dryer skin, and their bodies don’t produce enough natural oils for their hair either. But this doesn’t mean that the hair won’t be lacking moisture. In this cases, you would need to use a good quality hair moisturiser to have that natural looking amazing glow.
Heating or straightening hair also causes dryness and visible damage. Cliphair moisturising and nourishing hairspray will also help you recover from that.

How to protect your hair from heat and straighteners?

We all love styling our hair. Creating lovely beach waves, attractive curls, or elegant straight… But they all come at a cost. Your hair gets damaged.
But do not worry! With our heat protection spray, you can protect your hair from up to 230°C heat. You can also add volume while you are styling your hair without causing any frizz.
If you are looking to get a stocking filler or present someone who does their hair every day, get them a heat protection spray. You will be their favourite. 

Best shampoo for hair extensions

If you are looking for stocking fillers for someone who is using permanent hair extensions, they will be in constant search for the best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions. And imagine how happy you will make them when they finally have it on their hands!
Cliphair 2 in 1 Hair shampoo and conditioner protects your own hair and scalp as well as your extensions. Provides your hair extensions with the care it needs and allows them to last longer. And detangling? That will be a word they will never use ever again

No time to wash? Dry shampoo all the way!

Ask anyone who is using hair extensions, what is the one downside of the hair extensions? They will say it takes longer to wash. When you are using permanent hair extensions as your hair will be thicker and longer, it will take longer time than washing your own hair. That’s why many people using hair extensions don’t wash their hair as regularly and instead they use dry shampoo!
Get your friend or family a bottle of dry shampoo from Cliphair this Christmas and see the real Christmas spark in their eyes.

Most comfortable hairbrush for hair extensions

If you are wearing hair extensions, brushing your hair will have a new meaning in your life. To make sure your extensions don’t get caught on the bristle, you need to use the special hairbrush.
Tangling is another problem you can face while wearing hair extensions. When your hair is longer it is more likely to get tangled. For this, you also need to use a special hairbrush.
Our Cliphair detangling hairbrush solves these problems at once. If you are looking to give the comfort and practicality to your family or friends who are using hair extensions, look no further

For more information, ideas and personalised advice, you can always contact our hair experts.

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Moisturising Silky Hairspray For Extensions
Moisturising Silky Hairspray For Extensions
hairspray for hair extensions human hair Moisturising silk-hairspray

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