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Beautiful bohemian styles perfect for the weekend


The weekend can be a super busy period but it can also be a time to relax and feel good about yourself. I love a good bohemian style. They tick the box for fashion, functionality (often) and chilled vibes. Whether you are going for a weekend away or having some much needed TLC time at home, looking your best makes you feel your best. Today I am going to show you a few of my favourite bohemian-inspired styles so that you can chill and look fabulous no matter what you are up to this weekend. #wearcliphair


Look 1: braided beauty

This look is stunning but it is one for long curly hair. If that is not your natural, fake it. Most of your favourite celebrities do. Turn on your curling wand, add your heat protecting spray and put your Cliphair hair extensions in. You will need the extra hair to make this style pop so make sure you have a full set in. Once your hair is ready, grab inch sections and create large tight curls. I tend to curl my hair in different directions to make it look more natural. If your hair tends to lose shape quickly I would recommend pinning the curls until they cool and adding a bit of hairspray at this stage.

Once they are cool, let them down and run your fingers through them to create shapely waves. Create a centre part and divide some hair on the deeper side of the part into three. Now you are going to be creating french braid down to your ear. Once you get to your ear, stop adding strands and simply continue your three strand braid to the end of your hair. Hold the end of your braid and pinch the sections to make them fuller. Secure the end of your braid with a clear hair tie then sweep the rest of your hair over your shoulder and secure the braid and hair together in a lovely big ponytail or even a bun.


Look 2: Fishtail Fabulous

Fishtails look great and they are amazing at staying in place if you are moving around a lot. Divide the central section of your hair (I often use the arch of my eyebrows as a guide). Once you have done this, divide the section in half. Take a small section from the outside of the left side and take it underneath to join the inside of the right half.

Do the same the other way around and pull your hair so you have a tight x. incorporate strands of hair as you travel backwards. Stop adding hair once you reach your crown and continue your fishtail braid to the end of your hair. Hold the end of hair then pinch the sections of your fishtail braid so they don’t look so manicured and look fuller. If the rest of the hair in your half down style is not curled, I would say go for it. It always makes your look appear more romantic.


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