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Badass Braids

With colleges and universities, all across the country, now opening their doors for the fall term, it is time for fashion to follow suit. It will not be long before the skimpy summer dresses and open toed pumps, in the windows of your favourite high street stores, are replaced with thick winter coats and jumpers, which match the colour of the leaves falling from the trees. The neon reds and yellows of summer will turn into the burnt oranges and deep burgundies of winter.

It is also the case that hair trends change, during this time of the year, too. As millions of students prepare to go back to school, big beach tresses and bouncy summer curls are disappearing. If you are facing the prospect of 8am lectures, or back to back biology classes, you need hairstyles that are simple, practical and elegant, like plaits, topknots, buns and braids. The key is to look super stylish, without having to invest tonnes of effort.

This is precisely why the basic braid is the perfect choice for busy girls, who want to look good, but would rather spend more time with friends at the university bar, than preening in front of the mirror. The braid is classic, sophisticated and guarantees a flawless hairstyle all day – no matter what the situation, or the activity. Yet, there are a hundred and one different ways to braid hair, so which one is the best for you? This is the ClipHair guide to five best ways to braid hair this fall.

The Messy Side Braid
This is a fun and flirty hairstyle which is perfect for both every day wear, and special occasions, like dinner dates and nights out with the girls. It starts with a French braided fishtail, on the fair side of the head – either side will work. Once the braid reaches the side of your neck, you can either stick with the fishtail, or switch to an alternative braiding system for a romantic, tousled effect. Do not worry if the braid is not perfectly neat, because wispy, escaping locks lend this hairstyle a certain glamour – and look natural using our remy extensions.
fun and flirty hairstyle
fun and flirty hairstyle 2
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Braided Bangs
This is a super-fast hairstyle to put together, even though the finished article does look rather intricate. In other words, it is perfect for those busy mornings, when you want look great, but you have an assignment to finish and a lunch date with friends to get to. Whilst you can pull your actual fringe into a braid, and style the front section of your hair, it is much easier and much faster to pull together a chunk braid at one side of your hair, and then wrap it elegantly around your forehead.
super-fast hairstyle
chunk braid elegantly wrapped
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The Braided Bun
Once again, this hairstyle is ideal for busy girls on the go. If you don’t have time to wash your hair before stepping out the door, or you are simply suffering from a case of incurable bed hair, pull your locks together in an artfully messy French braid, and then simply tie it back in a cute little bun. You will look as if you have spent all morning perfecting this look in front of the mirror, when in reality, it takes a deft hand around ten minutes – you can even manage it at 7am, after a night on the town.
artfully messy French braid
French braid with cute bun
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The Braided Crown
As with the braided bun, this hairstyle is quick to pull together and will work wonders for messy or unclean locks. Despite this, it actually look extremely glamorous – a lot of female celebrities step out rocking this romantic and spritely look. In order to achieve it, you only have to take two sections of hair from the front, braid them together and then pull on them, in order to loosen the braid and make it flat. Then, secure with clips or ties, before gently draping each side across the head and securing with bobby pins. If you have very long hair, you may be able to achieve this look with a single braid.
romantic and spritely look
single braid for long hair
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The Dutch French Braid
This might sound like a bit of a cultural mouthful, but it is rather easy to pull off. There is a certain sense of the scholastic to this hairstyle, which makes it ideal for academic fashion fans, returning to school for the fall. In order to achieve it, simply pull your locks together into two Dutch French braids (also called an inverted, or an inside out French braid) and then tie them together at the bottom. If you prefer, you can braid just half of your hair, and leave the rest loose. This style is great for girls who want to get that fun, flirty look – it is artfully messy, but still glamorous.
 two Dutch French braids
artfully messy, but still glamorous braid
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Whilst it is true that the basic braid is relatively easy to achieve, there are lots of different kinds and you might want to practice with a friend, if you decide to try out something new. There are some braids that are trickier than others. For example, the fishtail braid, which takes deft fingers to pull together quickly. Yet, it is also true that the more you wear your hair in braids, the better you will get at creating them. Plus, they will make you look like a real glamour puss – we promise.
Written By Ula Haris


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