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Awesome holiday looks for straight hair

Authored By Aida Huget

This time of year loads of people opt for curly locks this season but if you have straight locks or look better with straight locks then you are going to love these straight styles. I put together three of my favourite straight dos with up and down dos so you are ready for any occasion.


Perfect Pompadour


This look is perfect for straight hair but is also great for giving your locks some extra volume. You will want to section the top section of your head and add some clip in hair extensions. Take out some strands of hair to frame your face. Backcomb your roots a little in rows at the top of your head as this is going to be the focal point of your look. Hairspray each row as your hairspray it so it will hold. Smooth your hair over softly with our brush and gather your hair around the back, tie your hair in place at the back. You want this back section to be thick and lovely so if you feel like this won’t be achieved through teasing you might just need to clip on a ponytail extension. Add serum to the ends so they are fly away free and you are ready to look regal.


Waterfall Braid




Waterfall braids are amazing for straight hair because the strands fall seamlessly. Create a side part and separate an inch section on your hairline on the larger side of your side parting. Separate it into three and cross the left part over the middle then the right over the middle. Start to work in more hair into the braid by adding an additional section from just above your braid. The braid changes a bit here so instead of crossing the right part over the middle let go of the right part so it drops down and starts to create the waterfall part of the braid. You are going to continue adding hair and repeat the process until your braid gets to your ear. Repeat on the other side of your head and tie the two braids together at the end. Spray it and you are ready to wear this as a stunning day look.


Faux clean lines



If you have dead straight hair this one is quick and easy for you and is best done on wet hair. This style is great for mid length hair but it also looks fab with long hair too so add some extensions and brush to blend your locks together. This look is all about symmetry so create a shallow centre parting and make sure that the parting is dead centre.  Gather a small amount of hair at your crown and tie them out of the way for now. This is so you can divide sections into the sides and add some wax to the sections before you pin them around the back. Let the back the hair and your crown down and brush through some serum to finish.


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