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Awesome headband and scarf looks inspired by Pinterest

Authored By Katie O' Connor

I know that, like me, so many of you are inspired by what you see on Pinterest. It has the most beautiful styles I have ever seen on it and it is so lovely to see women taking pride in the way they look. Scarves and headbands have been around for decades so we aren’t still be inspired by them right? Wrong! Headbands are going couture and scarves are all over people’s summer holiday snaps. So today we are going to look at some of the best Pinterest inspired looks. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to getting these looks yourself.


20’s inspired headband look
The 20’s never goe out of style with birthday, Halloween and Christmas all using Gatsby and 20’s inspired themes. This style looks incredible with its incorporation of a silver crystal headband to up the 20’s luxury. The key to making this look successful is the curls. Start by creating a side part and adding your Cliphair extension, add some heat protecting serum so that your product is evenly distributed and your hair extensions are blended well with your hair. You want your curls to stay in shape for as long as possible, so divide your hair into inch sections before your curl, pin and spray your locks. Once your curls have cooled let them down and spray them one more time. Gently guide your hair over to the side of your head where there is the most hair (the deep side of your parting). Leaving a curl out near your hairline secure the rest of your hair with a clear elastic hair tie but be careful you don’t disturb your curls too much. Backcomb your curls a little with your fingers before your roll the curls up and pin them in place around the hair tie. This will create a detailed bun effect and add volume. Twist the curl you left out a little to exaggerate the curl before pinning it by your ear. Now for add your headband. The trick for this is to place it in between the bun and the front curl section and hide the ends under strands of hair so they are not visible. Add one last round of hairspray and you are done!




Dressed up messy bun
This style is much more relaxed but still looks picture/ Pinterest worthy. When a hairstyle involves smaller waves like this I like to go for a heatless option. This is super simple just wet your hair, braid it and spray it with hairspray. When it dries take the braids out to reveal tight waves. The best thing is that is the hardest part of this look. Create a shallow centre parting and separate hair on either side of this part along with your hairline. Pin them out of the way and flip the rest of your hair forward create a basic three-strand braid up the middle of your hair and secure it with a hair tie. Gather the braid and the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and untie the end of the braid. Feel the ponytail through the hair tie a few times then pinch and pull it so some of the ends come out and it looks like a messy bun. Release the sections at the front, tie the scarf around your head and you are ready to go.




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