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Award Winning Hair – Who Took the Oscars by Storm?

Award Winning Hair – Who Took the Oscars by Storm?

This week heralded the return of the most glamorous award ceremony on the planet, the Oscars. If you are a true fashion fan, this is the event to end all events – and the boys scrub up nicely too. The build up to the Academy Awards literally lasts months, with celebrities all over Hollywood trying to decide who and what to wear, how to wear it, and whether or not they end up doing a Jennifer Lawrence and tripping over it.

There are always questions – will Jennifer Lopez get it right this year? Is Jared Leto going to turn up and outshine everybody, with his mane of beautiful flowing locks? Is Angelina going to make an appearance, what will she be rocking this time? Yet, these questions are what makes the night so exciting, especially for enthusiastic fashionistas. Forget the awards, we want to know which hairdo took the night by storm.

Here is a ClipHair guide to the best looks of the night, and some handy hints on how you can steal them for yourself.

Margot Robbie

The beautiful star of Wolf of Wall Street rocked up to the Oscars on Sunday with a brand new bob, and a feisty attitude. From her head to her toes, this screen siren screamed Hollywood glamour, and the world found it hard not to stare. Whilst her hair was shorter than we have come to expect, it looked tremendous, in a poker straight lob style, with subtle highlights.

Marion Cotillard

Does this French star ever get it wrong? She sported a flawless updo on the red carpet, accessorised with oversized earrings. It was a simple look, but it worked, and perfectly matched her delicate outfit. The slight under curl to the ‘do made it something really special, and elevated it from just a basic style. If you want steal it, pick up a clip in extension piece, from ClipHair, in a shade of darkest brown, and get a friend to help you secure it in place with hair grips and ties.


you can view these images here

Jessica Chastain

If you have tresses as naturally beautiful as those of Jessica Chastain, you wouldn’t want to overdo things either. The Interstellar actress kept things simple, by looking like she rolled out of bed in that perfect state – her locks were immaculate, but basic. It is important to realise that sometimes, less is more, and not everybody needs to load up on hair accessories and intricate styles to look fabulous. Sometimes, it takes just shampoo and a hair brush. For girls with shorter hair, a long (18-20 inch) extension piece is needed to replicate this look.

Chrissy Teigen

As the wife of Oscar winning crooner John Legend, Chrissy Teigen is used to sharing the spotlight. After all, looking the way she does, it is not often that all eyes fail to be on her. It was certainly the situation on Sunday when Mrs Legend turned up on the red carpet in a flesh flashing gown, and a gently bouncing fifties style curls. This look suited the swimsuit model down to the ground, and it gave her a touch of old school glamour, without being too old fashioned. In fact, it was one of our favourite hairstyles of the whole night.


you can view these images here, here and the last one here

Chloe Grace Moretz

At just 18, Chloe Moretz has already achieved the kind of acclaim that scores of actors dream about. Whilst her choice of dress may have attracted a fair bit of criticism, the same cannot be said for her sleek and stylish tresses. In a shapeless and unflattering gown, Moretz still managed to look fantastic, because her flawless hairstyle perfectly complemented her round features, and delicate bone structure. She usually goes for simple styles, and we think that she is right to do so – this blonde bombshell look sure had heads turning.


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