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All brass and no class? Here is how to get rid of brassy locks

All brass and no class? Here is how to get rid of brassy locks

I loved having blonde hair for years but one of my major pet peeves was going brassy. Blonde locks can go brassy really quickly and it makes you feel not at your best when it does. If you hate it when your hair goes brassy but you find it happening quite a lot, you are not alone. Some of our habits and activities can cause our hair to go brassy, that is true but it can also be caused by things that are totally out of our control. Today we are going to explore why your dyed hair or extensions turn brassy and how to prevent it.


What Does Brassy Hair Look Like? 

When you first leave the salon you feel on top of the world. Your hair is bright, shiny and healthy. After a few weeks, you may think differently. Your hair can go from a lovely blonde to a yellow/orange mess. Dye actually removes some of your natural hair colour but if your hair has a red or golden tinge that would be the most visible. Your colour will start to fade as wit exposed to more oxygen and sunlight.


How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair?

Combat Method Number 1: Defeat The Heat

Obviously, you want to show off your hair and extensions so you cannot have your hair permanently covered. You can find protecting sprays or serums that protect your hair from the sun so it helps you stay brassless for longer. Another little trick I have it to always have a satin scarf attached to my bag. This is great if you need an on the spot accessory or, if the sun is really bad, something to wrap your hair up inside to protect it.


Combat Method Number 2: Chemical Free

This is another one mainly for holidays or if you are a swimmer. We love chlorine to keep a pool nice and clean but it does not do your lovely hair or extensions any good. It can even change your hair colour completely, brass will be the least of your troubles. The other way to reduce chemicals and also reduce the risk of ‘brassiness’ is to look at the products you put on your locks. The best ones to use are purple hued shampoo and conditioner. This counteracts the brassiness and helps to keep your hair the hue you want it for longer. If you want to keep it as luscious as possible try and avoid products with SLS and alcohol and well. Healthy hair always looks nicer.


Combat Method Number 3: Know When To Redye

Redying your hair obviously will replenish the colour but if your colour has gone brassy underneath it will not turn out the way you want it to. This will also vary depending on how quickly your hair grows. The key thing to remember is to re-dye every 2-4 weeks. If you look after your locks this may be longer. The big thing is to make sure you have plenty of toners and your hair will look fab.


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