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Natural ways to deal with a dry scalp this winter


This time of year you often see people itching a lot more. You may even be feeling irritated by itch yourself. An annoyingly flaky head is super common at the moment so rest assured if you are suffering from this, you are not alone. Dandruff is not only uncomfortable it can make you feel uncomfortable if it gets on your clothes. Nobody has time for that so today I want to share with you some fabulous natural ways to soothe that itchy scalp and get rid of dandruff.


The root of the problem

The way to treat a dry scalp affectively is to find out what has caused it. It can occur during the summer but you are far more likely to get dandruff I the winter time. Our weather conditions are just harsher. We go from the freezing cold outside to boiling hot rooms filled with heater pumped air. It isn’t just your hair either you may have noticed that your skin needs more TLC in the winter too. Like dry skin, your head gets cracks, dries out and flakes. It is rare but some medical conditions can cause dandruff as well so I in doubt, go and see your doctor.


Simple things that can help:


This can be a tricky one especially for curly haired girls that don’t like to brush their hair every day. The thing about brushing is it not only is great for untangling your locks but it is also great for promoting blood circulation. Your hair will thank you.


Use the right products

Chemicals in a lot of products are a big culprit to your hair health. SLS leaches your hair of its natural oils so avoid products with this in. mixing up your routine so you have at least a day or 2 between washes is super important too. If you are worried about oily hair oat flour is a great natural alternative to dry shampoo.


Tea tree oil

This is one of my favourite home remedies is this wonderful oil. This is great for reducing the amount of dandruff you have. A little of this will go a long way. Just add a few drops to your shampoo and shampoo as normal.


Apple cider vinegar

Not only is this great for cooking it is helpful for your hair too. Did you know that your scalp has an ideal ph level? This is often not balanced when you have dandruff but the acidity in apple cider vinegar helps to regulate this and make your scalp healthy again. Spray some on your roots and leave for around 20 minutes and your hair will look better in no time.


Coconut oil

I love this product so much. If you don’t use it as a hair serum to keep the ends of your Cliphair extensions looking nice in the winter, I would highly recommend. Massage it into your head and let the treatment sit for an hour before you wash it out. No more dried scalp.


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