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7 Insanely Easy Tips for Healthy Hair

7 Insanely Easy Tips for Healthy Hair

We are no doctors, but we know sleep and plenty of water is great for your body, but what about your hair? So many of us forget that what we put into our bodies ultimately ends up in our hair follicles and the environment and harsh chemicals we put on it just add to the damage. But t’s not all doom and gloom, looking after your hair is pretty easy if you know all the information.

Here are 7 top tips to keep your hair healthy.


Tip 1: You are what you eat


The food you eat has a huge impact on the health of your hair. It’s important to maintain a balanced diet for your hair (foods high in protein, such as chicken, eggs and fish are especially beneficial for your hair). This may not sound like good news if you have been one too many ‘cheat days’ but the good thing is you can make amends. Water helps to get rid of toxins already in you and multivitamins and fresh food are key to hair health.


Tip 2: Brush upside down


If you have curly hair then you’ve probably known of this trick for year, but this trick is suitable for all hair types and an easy way to make sure the brush glides through your hair, especially if you’re brushing out knots. If you are trying to brush your hair (even with the hair extensions in) flip your hair forward and brush your hair from the ends to the roots. This helps stimulate your scalp and promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp.


Tip 3: Have the right hair ties


You wouldn’t wear the same outfit in different situations, so hair ties are the same. If you are going to be in braids, particularly if your hair is wet, make sure you wear a soft scrunchy. If you are wearing a ponytail or bun during the day wear a hair tie that looks like a spring. It is soft and won’t leave a weird dent in your hair.


Tip 4: Treat yourself


Whether you do it yourself or get one that is store bought, hair treatments are a must. They help to re-nourish you locks and makes them soft and silky again. Avoid using products with too many chemicals, perhaps try one of these natural DIY hair masks to naturally revive your hair.


Tip 5: Get a shower cap

Having a shower but you aren’t washing your hair? We are all guilty of it. A shower cap is a must. Most of us don’t have cold showers and hot showers produce lots of steam, hello frizz. This will be a nightmare to contain so you better get a shower cap.


Tip 6: Don’t over wash your hair

If you have been using quite a few products, it is such a temptation to wash your hair every day to get them out of your hair. This isn’t as good for your hair as you might think. Washing your hair daily can dry out your scalp and itch. If you leave it a little bit longer, your hair oil production will regulate, and you won’t have to use so many products.



Tip 7: Switch up your pillowcase

Sleeping on satin is ideal for your locks. Satin pillowcases produce less static, so you won’t get awful morning hair. But if getting one is out of the budget, make sure you change your pillowcases regularly. 

What other healthy habits have you started to help improve your hair? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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