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6 Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

If you’re the type of girl who has to battle through winter, while waging a constant war with dry hair, you’ll be familiar with the exquisite pain of seasonal maintenance. You can be rocking gorgeous, lush tresses all summer. Then, temperatures drop and it is split end city.

The best way to deal with winter stresses is to take a proactive approach. Make deep conditioning, intense hydration, and careful styling a regular part of your routine. And keep it up through the year, not just when things get tough.

These clever tips and quick fixes will help you beat dry winter hair and head out to your festive parties looking fabulous.


Apply a ‘Pre-Shampoo’ Oil

If your locks are looking lacklustre and you need a boost fast, apply an oil-based treatment before your shampoo. Add it to dry hair and use your fingertips to massage it right through to the roots. Focus on areas that tend to be duller or more brittle than others. Then, add your shampoo over the top. Wash both out thoroughly and follow with conditioner.

Turn the Heat Down

You can protect your hair from a lot of damage by simply turning the temperature down on your shower. Steaming hot water swells the hair shaft and forces it open, particularly when the follicles are already vulnerable. The hair struggles to recover and, when you come to styling, moisture leaks out. Try to keep the water temperature at a medium level and steel yourself for a quick blast of cold water before you leave. This is a great way to close up those hair shafts and lock hydration inside.

Skip the Shampoo

We now know that shampooing hair every single day can do more harm than good. So, put the bottle down and limit your washes to every other day, at least. You can still use conditioner daily, as it is good for hydration, but too much shampooing strips the locks of natural oil. This leaves them vulnerable and exposed, especially in winter when the elements are harshest.

Prepare for Heat Based Styling

It is absolutely imperative that you protect the hair when using things like straightening irons and curling tongs. They can cause serious damage, which is why you should try to use them sparingly. Daily straightening is a major pressure and it tends to lead to brittle, dry lengths. To mitigate this, smother the hair in a robust heat protectant or nourishing balm. Products containing hydrolysed wheat protein are very effective, as they reduce surface damage.

Give Your Hair a Holiday

Ultimately, the only fix for super dry hair is a bit of a vacation. In other words, you need to step back from all those convenient styling tools that you use and let your tresses breathe. Constant heat based styling, over shampooing, and rough brushing all wreak havoc with health and vitality. If your hair is looking a little sorry for itself this winter, put the tongs down and pick up some clip in extensions instead.

Give It a Sneaky Boost

In fact, there’s nothing quite like the boost which comes from high-quality clip in hair extensions. With extensions, you can leave your own dry, dull hair to recover, while you flesh it out with these volume boosting products. They are really easy to wear and, if you attach them securely, they’ll have no problem staying put all day and night. Why not make Christmas 2016 a time for transformations and get creative with your tresses? You can wear clip-in highlights, clip in ponytails, or full head extensions – the possibilities are endless.

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