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How To Get Ombre Wavy Hair

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Over the last few ombre heavy years, we’ve seen the style worn in a huge variety of different ways. As it is based on transitioning highlights, you pretty much have the freedom to customise it in any way that you like. For instance, some people prefer super blonde ends and dark roots, for a dramatic look. Others stick with a more natural blend, which is akin to the kind of lightening effect that you get after a lot of time in the sun.

Ladies with a penchant for quirky dyes jobs, like Rihanna and Rita Ora, have taken it a step further and swapped out the blondes and browns for pastel and neon shades. It is all counts as ombre (or dip dyed), as long you’ve got that gorgeous movement between tones. For curly girls, ombre can be a tricky style, because the traditional route involves bleaching. If your natural hair is already quite coarse, however, harsh chemicals are not the answer.

Fortunately, there are some sneaky cheat methods that you can use to create gorgeous ombre highlights without rising damage.

Use ‘Clip In’ Highlights

The quickest and easiest way to experiment with highlights is by using clip in hair extension highlights. They are really simple to use because the grip attachments just grab on to your hairline. Once you’ve used your fingertips or a brush to blend the new hair with your natural tresses, nobody will ever be able to tell the difference. Temporary highlights are superior to costly dye jobs because they don’t require any kind of commitment. You can switch them up, try different colours, and wear them in different positions whenever you like.

Ask a Stylist for Help

However, if you’re determined to create a permanent ombre style, you can either buy an at-home colouring kit or head to the salon. The latter option is always best for girls with brittle, damaged, or very thin tresses. Your stylist will be able to recommend the safest way to dye the hair and minimise the impact of strong chemicals. The downside to getting a professional dye job is that it can be costly. And, once you’ve picked this option, you can’t really touch up roots and streaks without booking another appointment.

Dare to Go It Alone

On the other hand, you’ve always got the option of going it alone and braving those scary looking packet dye products. The truth is that they’re not all that scary, but they put real pressure on curly hair that is already dry. So, if you are planning to use a supermarket dye kit, buy a deep conditioner or hair mask treatment as well. That way, you can spend the next few weeks replenishing the moisture that has been stripped out by the chemicals. Don’t forget that temporary kits are available as well; you don’t have to make a permanent commitment.

The trick to DIY ombre highlights is getting the balance of colour just right. This is the most difficult part of the process and it requires a steady, cautious hand. You can’t go in all guns blazing and throw the formula about with abandon. You need a thin highlighting brush. Use it to, literally, brush the colour onto your hair. Leave the top untouched and, apply heavier strokes and more colour as you work your way down to the ends.

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