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4 Fun Ways To Use Your Hair Extensions

Whether you have tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions or micro rings we all get hair extensions to have fun with and look our best. If you are thinking about getting hair extensions for the first time but you aren’t sure about it, don’t worry about it, that is totally normal. One of the big concerns that people are often faced with when thinking about getting hair extensions is how to use them flawlessly in different styles. This blog is all about helping you find interesting ways to use your hair extensions and how to create sensational hairstyles. Keep reading to check out 4 ways to rock your hair extensions.



Creating Layers

Layers are the best way give your hair flow and healthy dimension. We want our hair to flow and sit wonderfully the same way we do our dress so why not get layers. If you are not ready to take to plunge by getting your hair cut into layers, no worries, extensions are here to save the day. By placing clip in extensions strategically from your crown it can give the illusion of layers that are either longer or shorter than your natural hair. Remember if you need to there is no harm in trimming your extensions to get the right length.




Add a touch of colour

We get it, we should be proud of what we are born with but the fact is that having the same colour hair for years can get boring. I have dyed my hair several colours over the years and although it has looked great for a while it often fades and definitely ruins your hair. It is not unfounded to be hesitant to permanently dye your hair so extensions are the perfect way to spice things up without the dye drama. Add ombre hair extensions to stay on trend or extensions that are a shade lighter for highlights. No-one will be able to tell you are wearing them but you will get loads of compliments.




Thicken ponytails, braids and buns

Hair extensions are not just about adding some colour, they are also great for making your hairstyles Instagram ready. Let’s face it none of the pictures you see and love is limp and lifeless. Hair extensions are the secret weapon that all your trendsetters and make your hairstyles look outstanding. The best thing is that it then blend seamlessly. Braids are the simplest you just put your full set of hair extensions and braid to perfection. Ponytails and bun require fewer pieces to create the perfect look. Check out some Cliphair blogs for inspiration and get creative.




The perfect accessory.

From hair flowers to braided headbands hair extensions are so easy to create different shapes and are, therefore, the perfect accessory. This use is specific to clip in extensions as the can be attached around the back of your head and help you create the perfect braided headband or create a beautifully intricate hair flower that will easily be attached at the end. Just remember to get a 2-inch piece at least to support the condensed weight.


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