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Braids for any event

Braids have undoubtedly been the most popular hairstyle around the last couple of years. They have, of course, been around for years but it has been mainly a hairstyle we associate with children. Not anymore. We have been vamping braids up and rocking them as adults making them a hot as hell trend. There are so many ‘everyday’ braids but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep your braid basic. High, low, fishtail or dutch there will be the style that will suit you and be perfect any occasion. The key to fabulous braids is volume so put your Cliphair extensions in and keep reading to check out these five fabulous braid looks.



The staircase braid

This style is so impressive and would look incredible with a cocktail dress. Start by gathering your hair back into a ponytail and wrapping some strands around your hair tie to conceal it. Take a one-inch section from the left side of the ponytail and divide it in three. Create a basic three-strand braid angling it down and around your ponytail to the right. As you travel around the front of the ponytail add strands of hair so the ponytail becomes incorporated into the braid. Wrap your braid around the back of the ponytail and create your next row of making it look like a staircase. When you get to the end of your hair tuck the ends up and pin them so that they can not fall out. Spray you are ready to wow your friends with this style.



Subtle braid look

If you don’t want a style that screams braids but wants to have them woven in there, this is the look for you. Start by gathering some hair near your crown and teasing the roots so to give them hight before you pin your hair at the back. Curl the rest of your hair and, once cool, roll your curls in towards your head, pinning them in place. Pull out three one inch sections of hair from the nape of your neck and create basic three strand braids with them. Drape them over your rolls and pin them so the ends can’t be seen. This is a stunning look that can easily be dressed up or down.



Not just a halo

If you are having a bad hair day but have to go to an event this is a great style for you. Take some hair near your right temple and create a basic three-strand braid. Drape your braid across your head towards your left temple. Pin it in place and repeat creating a braid on the other side and draping it over your other braid. Create three strand braids with the hair that is left down. Make sure that the braids are the same size so that it looks deliberate. Once you have finished braiding twirl them and pin them near the nape of your neck. If you are going dancing don’t be shy with the hairpins.



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