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Spring hairstyles you should try now

It is spring which means no more beanies! Yay! Showing of your legs in a fabulous dress and showing your hair off with your fabulous hairstyle. Hairstyles alone can pump up the volume on an outfit, turning it from drab to fab. Now the weather is lovely let’s get creative and make our outfits amazing as well. Keep reading to check out these fabulous spring inspired looks so you can look your best.



Bohemian half up

This is an amazing half-up style that is great to rock to a weekend barbecue. To create it start by loosely curling your hair away from your face and if you haven’t already got your hair extensions in, what are you waiting for? Now you have a nice shape lets start focusing on your crown area. Create a centre parting and gather the hair at your crown directly behind your parting. You want to give this area a Bridget Bardot feeling so tease the lower third of your hair and even hide an extension piece underneath to give it that wow factor. Smooth it off and pin it at to back so it retains some height. Take a two-inch section of hair on top of your right ear and divide it in half, ready to fishtail braid. As you continue braiding angle it towards the back so your braids will meet easily and when you get to your ear continue to braid but you don’t need to add any more strands. After securing with a clear hair tie tug on your braid so it looks full and picture ready and create a braid on the other side. Join the braids together by securely pinning one over the other and getting rid of the hair ties. Add hairspray and you are done!





Shaggy bun

Spring makes me think of relaxation and fun so to get you in the holiday spirit a shaggy bun is on the menu. Finger brush your hair and spritz it with some texturising spray to give your hair a more ‘undone’ look and some more dimension. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and, after securing it, add your hair extensions around the hair tie. Wrap a small section of hair around the base to hide the seems. Grab another hair tie and, before adding it, lift your ponytail towards your head. You want to create a bun by extending you hair tie at the back of your ponytail and looping it through the hair tie. Don’t completely pull it through so make sure you have the ends out. This is a super casual style but it can be dressed up with a cocktail dress and a necklace and look amazing. If you want to make it look more effortless pull some strands of hair around your face free and curl them so they look beach like and flowing. This look holds pretty well on its own but if you want your curls to stay all day add some hairspray.


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