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Time to detox

Authored By Katie O' Connor

We are heading into warmer weather so it is the season to detox. We detox our bodies, our skin and our homes so why not our hair? So many people neglect our locks and forget that what we put in our bodies and on our locks has a big impact o the way they feel and look. Today’s blog is all about helping you detox. I am not a nutritionist so I can’t help you with a beach body but I can give you some tricks to help detox your hair.



Hair assessment

No two fingerprints are the same and your hair isn’t the same as your best friend’s. Like your mood, your hair can change with the seasons depending on what is happening in your life. Consider the texture of your hair and the season. If your hair is drier than normal in winter it is totally normal and an environmental factor but it is important to have a look at your eating routine and what products you are using. By doing this you will be able to see where your hair is at and better understand what work needs to be done. This is exactly the same for your hair extensions. So let’s work from your tips and work to your roots.



Dead ends

This may not be everyone’s favourite activity but going to the hairdresser and getting a trim. Yes, I know this is not always the cheapest but if you want to promote healthy hair growth and have an instant change of look, get that trim.




Hair build up

If you often skip washes or prolong the distance between them by using dry shampoo then you may well have product and oil build up on your scalp. A little oil on your scalp is a good thing but build up can make you itchy and shorten the life of your tape in hair extensions. Tea tree or sea kelp are great at helping to detox your hair of natural build up or nasty product build up. When you want healthy hair there is no time to deal will damaged locks.



Use natural products

The key to detoxing is to get your hair get rid of the pollutants and chemicals so it doesn’t make sense to use highly chemical riddled products. You have heard me talk about SLS or SLES before so if you are planning to use shop bought products make sure they are SLS and alcohol-free. I prefer to spend 20minutes on a Sunday morning making a natural product that is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda. This might sound odd but trust me it cleans like a charm without damaging your hair. If you want to get great shiny hair and extensions apply some maple syrup to dry locks for 20 minutes before you wash it out with your new shampoo. Your hair will be healthy and shiny in no time.




Ditch the heat

Sorry to burst the bubble but heat isn’t great for your locks. Try and give yourself the challenge of going heat free for a week and look up some gorgeous heat freestyles instead. Your hair will thank you.



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