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3 hair problems to be on the look out for this January

Authored By Aida Huget

Hair problems are not something any of us have time or patience for. January is a time we want to recreate ourselves with colour, cut and amazing style. Some of the most annoying issues that come with hair resolutions are that it comes in January. This time of year is not easy to weather wise, no matter where in the world you live so let’s check out some January hair issues so we can get your year started right.


Split ends



This may not be one of the most noticeable hair problems from a distance but it has a lot more to do with hair health rather than aesthetics. Weak and brittle hair is not something to mess with or ignore. If you do then the split will continue all the way up the shaft of the strand and cause ongoing hair damage. A way to get on top of this is to trim your locks your split ends off to stop your locks getting so bad again make sure you use a hair mask next time you wash your hair.





arhhh fly aways, our favourite way to destroy a perfectly good hairstyle. Whether it is due to hair breakage or baby hairs it is really annoying. Static from clothes or the environment can cause hair that would usually take to stand on end and make you look like the nutty professor, add hair breakage or baby hairs into the equation and it is chaos up there. This can happen with your hair extensions just a much as it can with your own hair. A great way to combat this starts with the way you dry your hair. If you towel dry don’t rub your locks with the towel, this causes excess friction. Wring your hair instead and pat your locks with your towel. If you use a hair dryer then make sure you are using the right one. An ion hairdryer is brilliant for getting rid of flyaways this can help counteract the positive charges that cause flyaways in the first place. Of course, alcohol free hairspray is brilliant. If you have an old toothbrush and spray your hairspray on the toothbrush to smooth over the flyaways. Nothing is going to stop you create your new you this January.


Dry hair



Dry hair is a major problem this January. We are indoors a lot this time of year (because of how cold it is) with all the heaters on the heat is draining the moisture from your locks. This equals frizzy bird’s nest looking hair, not fun to try and control. With excess heat around you, treat it like you are creating a style with blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers, even if you aren’t. If you don’t have hair serum or don’t use it regularly it is time to break it out. You don’t need much (especially if you have oilier hair). The biggest mistake people make is to apply serum too close to their roots. Before you apply your serum run your hands over your hair and feel where the driest part of your hair is. For me, it is midway down at the back and at the ends so check where your locks and apply.


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