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3 cute bohemian hairstyles

No introduction needed these looks are so stunning and perfect for the warming weather! Keep reading to check them out.

clip in hair extensions-scarf-wrap

Scarf wrap

This style requires some texture so finger comb your hair and put in some extensions (if you haven’t already) for that extra oomph. To get that wild mane look scrunch some mousse into your roots and spray some textures spray in the lower third of your hair. Gather your hair to your crown and secure with a stronghold hair tie. Now here is where we get creative. Grab your favourite coloured scarf and wrap it around the base of your hair tie. Make sure that there is the same amount of scarf left on each side. Split your ponytail in half and place each half on top of the scarf. Twist each half with the scarf so they are intertwined. Now wind the left half around the base of your ponytail and tuck the end under the hair tie. Now repeat with the right side winding it so you get the height and width you want before you pin the ends into place. As this is not meant to be a perfect looking style you don’t need to wear hairspray unless you are going dancing of course.

clip in hair extensions-half-up-flower

Half up flower

Start by putting in your hair extensions to make sure your hair is amazing and thick. Now you have gorgeous thick lock it is time to curl. The great thing about bohemian styles is that they are not meant to look perfect so feel free to curl the different widths and different directions. Divide your hair above your ears. pulling some strands away around your face and tie it up into a ponytail. Back come your ponytail a little to create texture and wrap it around itself like a rose. Tug on parts on to make it look more like a flower.  Now grab a two-inch section behind your ear and divide it into two. You will be crisscrossing small sections between the halves to create a thick fishtail braid which can be secured with a clear elastic.  Repeat behind the other ear, add hairspray and you are done!

clip in hair extensions-side-twist

Side twist

Divide your hair into two vertically and put one half out of the way whilst you focus on the other. Divide your half into half again and twist each section towards your face. Wind them clockwise around each other to form a twist braid before securing it. to add some volume hold the ends and tug on the sections gently to give them some more volume. Repeat the process on the other side of your hair and pull some face-framing strands out so help it look more romantic. Once you have your two twist braids it is time to blend the two together. You have made them thick and fluffy so it will not end up like a tightly packed rope braid but a big beautiful braid instead. Wrap the back braid around the front one time and tuck the ends into the same hair tie. If you don’t like it showing wrap some strands around and pin them in the back. Enjoy!

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