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2 festival styles you have to try

Festivals in the UK are world renowned. Music, wellington boots and waterproof ponchos are staples of the season and so is iconic outfits and hairstyles. With everyone basking in the glory of the little sunshine we have and enjoying music from some of the world’s best performers we see some adventurous hairstyles appear. Last year was all about glitter and flower head garlands are a common sight. With the first of the festivals happening extremely soon these hair accessories would be nothing without some awesome hairstyles to show them off. So keep reading to check out some festival hair inspiration.



Upside down braid buns

This style is what the name indicates and looks amazing with glitter roots. You are going to start with your head upside down. Brush your hair like this as it is actually the underside of your hair that is the most important for this style.  Use a fishtail comb to part your hair in half brush your halves upwards to create pigtails. Only tie up one of the halves as you are going to divide the hair a the nape of the other half into three to begin your dutch braid. Make sure you keep the braid straight and add strands near your parting and from the outside as you travel upwards with your dutch braid. Finish the braid at the top of your head, secure it and pinch your braid to make it fuller. Repeat with the other half and add your hair extensions around your pigtails. Finish by winding them around to form little buns and pinning them into place.



Topknot with a fishy twist

Make sure that your hair extensions are in and straight to blend with your hair and go over your locks with a brush to get started. This look can work well on second festival day hair but I would suggest the first day as it will look much sleeker. Spritz your hair with the heat protecting spray and divide your hair into rows starting at the nape of your neck. Wrap your row gently around your curling iron for a few seconds to create a gentle wave. You might want to pick specific points to add kinks in your wave, on the other side, to make it look exaggerated and full. Spritz with some hairspray and repeat the process on the other rows. Remember to lift and roll away from your head at your roots to create extra volume. Gather the hair back from your hairline to your crown and secure with a hair tie. Divide your ponytail in two and twist the sections to wind them around and create your top knot. You can pull the top knot a bit to make it fuller then pin the ends under the bun. Take a two-inch section of air from behind your ear and split it into two. Form a fishtail braid and pinch the sections before securing with a clear hair tie. Finish by spraying your hair with salt spray and you are done.



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