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2 awesome hairstyles for lazy women


I will be the first to put my hand up and say some days I can be bone lazy. To quote Bruno Mars “I don’t feel like doing anything”. You know what, that is totally natural! I don’t give myself a hard time for having a long sleep in anymore. Even on lazy days I will often have some friends over to Netflix and chill or go out to a movie. I could go out with the messiest messy bun and no makeup and they would never judge me for it. But I know I would not be feeling my best and be dodging photos all the time. I know I am not alone, I am sure we have all been there.

Today I am going to show you two awesome looks that are perfect for lazy days so you can look great without too much effort. 



The braided side Ponytail

This sounds super basic but it looks fab. Start with your hair extensions in (preferably tape in hair extensions for this look) and damp hair. I would say only add serum to the very ends of your hair for moisture and make sure your locks are brushed so they are tangle free.

You are going to braid your locks. Before you do that you have to separate a one-inch section of hair from around your right ear and down to the nape of your neck. Clip that out of the way for now and take a section of hair above your crown next to it. Divide it into three and start to create a braid. As you travel down gather hair from the sides not underneath as you don’t want the braid getting longer. The key to this look is to angle your braid so that you end at the nape of your neck on the left side. Create a second braid right next to it. Secure the braids and all the rest of your hair into a side ponytail. It looks good and requires minimal effort.



The half up look with a twists

I love this style and would honestly wear it even if I wasn’t feeling lazy. This is a half up half down style with a bohemian twist. Start by putting your hair extensions in and adding some heat protecting serum to your locks. If you are crunched for time or don’t want to use heated tools, skip this part. If you are in love with curls as much as I am you will make the effort even when feeling lazy. I love large, full curls for this style. Once they are cooled, spritz them with some hairspray and run your fingers through them to break them up a bit. To create the shape separate a triangle from your hairline to your crown and pin it at the back of your crown so the ends of your curls are still showing. Take a two-inch section from the right of the triangle, twist it, drape it over the hairpin and pin it. Do the same with the left side and all done.


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