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Brown Hair Extensions

Our brown hair extensions can enhance the natural beauty of brunette hair, framing your face with warmth and elegance. From brunette hair extensions that clip in for an instant transformation, to tape in and nano ring extensions for a long-term commitment, our brown extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. With a range of brown tones, you can get the most natural look possible, adding length and volume to your mane.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • One of the top advantages of having brunette hair is the dazzling shine and silky feel. Blonde hair is notoriously difficult to make look shiny so embrace and enhance that shine on your brown locks by using Shine mists and Moisture Sprays.
    • You can use hair extensions! Adding blonde hair extensions to brown hair is a fantastic way of lightening your hair without having to add a drop of bleach or dye. Choose complimentary tones, for example: golden blondes with warm browns, cool blondes with neutral/ashy browns.
    • There really is no easy answer to this question. To avoid confusion between colours, here at Cliphair we like to separate our Brown shades from our Black shades. However, a lot of people would still consider Black as a Brunette shade.
    • Our lengths range from a lowkey 14 inches to achieve a sleek, shoulder length style, up to 26 inches for a dramatic red carpet look – and they’re available in straight and curly textures, perfect to spice up your hair game with no hassle.
    • Want your long hair extension to last longer? At Cliphair, you’ll also find a range of permanent and semi-permanent brown hair extensions in the UK that can be attached for several weeks at a time. Your extensions can be taken to a salon and attached by a professional, giving you the best possible finish.
    • One of the reasons why Cliphair is such a popular site to buy hair extensions is that we only sell the finest human hair extensions. Our brown extensions are made of 100% Remy Human hair, which is known among hair extension specialists as being the highest quality hair that can be used. Real Remy human hair is made with hair that has been carefully detached, so when it’s made into extensions it hangs naturally and looks great.
    • Never had extensions before? Don’t worry, they are easy to take care of. Even if you have very long brown hair extensions, you simply need to follow a few steps:
      • If you have permanent brown hair extensions, gently separate the bonds daily.
      • Wash your hair with sulphate and alcohol free products. You should avoid washing them too often – once or twice a week is fine for permanent extensions. You should wash clip in hair extensions in brown every 10-12 wears and only when they’re removed from your head.
      • Dry your extensions naturally or with a hairdryer avoiding a high heat. Always use heat protection spray before using heated tools on your extensions.
      • Brush regularly with a special hair extensions brush.
      • Get a maintenance appointment – if you’ve chosen extensions that last several weeks, a maintenance appointment will help them last as long as possible.
      • When you have long brown hair extensions, it’s important to follow the care instructions. If you visit a salon, your technician should be able to tell you the best way to take care of your ash brown hair extensions and give you lots of handy tips.
    • Toning Shampoos are not only just for blonde hair. If your brown hair is feeling a little brassy and orange simply give it one wash with a purple toning shampoo and this will remove the red/orange tones. Also remember to use a good colour lock shampoo if your hair is dyed brown as this will prevent your colour from fading and becoming brassy.
    • Brown Clip In Hair Extensions For A Quick And Easy Style Makeover:
      Our brown clip-in hair extensions are quick and easy to apply and leave you fully in control of your style. Just apply your brown clip in hair extensions in one click under your hairline, and you’re ready to go. No matter your skill level, our clip-in hair extensions are designed to be as easy to attach as possible, so that you can achieve your hair goals easily in the comfort of your own home. As they are 100% made of ethically sourced Remy human hair, you can curl them, style them and straighten them as you would with your natural hair.

      Brown Tape In Extensions For A Longer Lasting Look:
      Made with a thin layer of adhesive that attaches to your natural hair, this is a good way to get longer lasting brown hair extensions at an affordable price, as tape in applications tend to be one of the less expensive options at the salon.

      Brown Curly Hair Extensions
      Enhance your curls or give them a boost with our range of brown curly hair extensions, available in natural curl and tighter deep wave styles.

      Other styles include:
      Brown Pre-Bonded Extensions: These individual extensions can be attached to brown hair in a variety of methods including heated tools or rings, check out our full professional and bonded range
      Brown Sewn in/Weaves: One of the most popular types of brown hair extensions in the UK, this involves a hair piece being woven into your natural hair.
      Brown Micro Rings: Micro Ring Applications involve using small individual strands, which loop through your natural hair and are clamped in. This method means they have the potential to last the longest of all extensions – up to 12 weeks if you have a maintenance appointment halfway through.
    • If you’re planning to get brown extensions, you should look for the shade that most closely resembles your natural hair colour. If you’re dyeing your hair, look for a shade that suits your undertones. Warm undertones look good with rich chestnut brown and dark shades, while those with cool undertones tend to suit lighter, ashier tones.
    • While you can buy brown hair extensions cheap such as synthetic of low quality, you should consider investing in higher quality Remy human extensions, which cost a bit more but look much more natural and – with the right care – will last longer. A set of extensions usually costs from £85-115 , and you’ll also need to factor in the cost of having them attached, unless you opt for clip ins.
    • When you’re buying hair extensions for brown hair, you should ideally use our colour matching service, so you can get the right tone. If your hair is a different colour at the roots, you need to ensure the extensions match the ends as closely as possible, although you can go one or two shades lighter or darker.
    • Not sure what type of application is best for your hair? Contact a hair extensions technician for an initial consultation. Most extension types will fit most hair types, but there are sometimes exceptions for those with very fine hair or those who are seeking a specific style. If you’re unsure about which shade you should get, get in touch with us! Our experts will match you to the perfect shade to blend in with your current colour. Our colour matching service is completely free and performed by salon expert professionals! Or you can explore our full hair extension colour range.
    • Brunette - Brown hair
      Ashy/Ash - Grey/Blue undertones. No warmth or red
      Warm - Gold/Red undertones
      Neutral - Plain and flat, neither ashy or warm
      Golden - Yellow/Orange undertones
      Ginger - Orange undertones
      Brassy - When the hair is too yellow or orange
      Mousey - Ashy and neutral tones
      Undertones - Subtle tones underneath the hair surface that influence the overall colour.

Find Your Perfect Brown 100% Human Hair Extensions at Cliphair

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Find Brown Remy Hair Extensions in the UK for Weeks of Long Hair

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Want your long hair for longer? At Cliphair, you’ll also find a range of permanent and semi-permanent brown hair extensions in the UK that can be attached for several weeks. All of our hair extensions that utilise our range of brown shades can be taken to a salon and attached by a professional, giving you the best possible finish. Read less

Use a single Hair Extension for Brown Hair to Create the Style You Love

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Looking for Long Brown Hair Extensions?

We have over five lengths to suit all hair types, from 14” to 26”, so you can choose the length that suits you best, blends in with your current length and is easy to manage. 14” extensions tend to sit just below the shoulders, while 26” will give you waist-length hair. Keep in mind that wavy or curly extensions will appear slightly shorter.

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