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Which colour is your colour?

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We all love to spice up our style once and a while but choosing the wrong hair colour can turn the beautiful style in your head into a living nightmare. The sad fact is we can’t always look like our favourite celebrity and not just because we don’t have an entourage of stylists following us! We have all looked at some people and wished we could pull off their style but their features are just not like ours so it just can’t happen. The saying “eyes are the windows to your soul” is so true and they are the key to a killer style too. Let’s have a look at key eye colours and the looks that suit them best.


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Green eyed gals

Being green with envy isn’t because green eyed girls envy everyone else it is because they are the ones who should be envied. Not as light as blue but not as dark as hazel gives green eyes gals the perfect about colour to go with most hair hair colours. If you want a colour that goes with both light and dark skinned green eyed gals try a lovely medium to light shade of brunette. If you have naturally dark hair try adding a few lighter highlights to get a sense of what it looks like.



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Blue eyed babes

Blue peepers have been the perfect match for blonde locks for decades from Marilyn Monroe to Cameron Diaz. The golden hues make the iris’ look brighter and gives a lovely ethereal look to your face. Blue and green eyes are the only shades that should be considered for lighter hues like platinum blonde tones.  Darker eyes with such light tones can make you look washed out so definitely avoid. If you decided to go lighter make sure you trim your locks for hair health and grab your extensions if you miss the length.



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Big brown eyes

It is no surprise that there is a song about ladies wit “big brown eyes”  perfect for pale skin or even if you are partial to a fake tan, this eye colour is the best to make it look the most natural. If you like something a little more extravagant than naturally deep locks then why not try a lovely shade of cherry red. Either as a ombre or all over colour purples and deep reds are perfect to compliment those deep eyes.

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