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Wear Your Hair Like Jessica Alba

We’ve all come to know and love Jessica Alba for her unique combination of sex appeal and sweetness. She can do a mean striptease, but you wouldn’t think twice about introducing her to your grandparents. There’s just something irresistibly nice about the Sin City actress. So, it’s a surprise to hear that her beauty enterprise, The Honest Company, is in the middle of a lawsuit, after allegations that its products are, well, not so honest.

Alba has spoken publicly about the suit and claims that, because of her fame, the brand is an easy target. She’s clearly very passionate about the venture. A quick look at her Instagram and you’ll see The Honest Company being promoted by a litany of high profile names and faces; Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen included. With starry friends and a brand new movie to promote, it’s not all bad for Jessica Alba this week.

To celebrate the release of The Mechanic: Resurrection, we’re going to take a closer look at some of her finest hairstyle moments.

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The Neon Nineties

This first look is actually quite a bold one for the Dear Eleanor star. She usually keeps things casual in jeans and t-shirts, but she’s livened things up with a pop of hot colour and some retro shoes here. The hair fits the outfit perfectly, because it’s a bit retro too; the high, tall twisted ponytail has a whiff of the nineties about it. She has all of that length to play with, so her pony doesn’t fall flat or sit against her head. She uses what are likely to be hair extensions to lift it up and create that cool waterfall-type curve.

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The Sombre Senorita

We like to talk about Jessica Alba when discussing ombre and sombre hair styles, because she’s one of a handful of celebrities who rocks subtle, sunkissed highlights on the regular. In fact, her highlights are so delicate and carefully blended that you’d have no problem believing that they were natural. The darker roots transition and blend into lighter, blonder tones, but the trick with this one is to remember that less is more. And, if you really want to show off your sombre, prioritise length and definition over fancy, fiddly styles. For barely there waves, like Jessica is rocking here, sleep with your hair in a loose braid and brush it out in the morning.

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The Girl from the Block

Or, if you prefer to wear your tresses up – either because you want your hair out of the way or you’re trying to stop your hair extensions from tangling – secure it up high with a twisted pony. Then, add a retro rockabilly headscarf or hairband. Try to leave some looseness in the front, because you don’t want your forehead to look all stretched or your hair to be pulled too tight. This is a great ‘work in progress’ style. It looks super cool, but it hides a multitude of sins. If you’re between dye jobs, get up in the morning with crazy bed head, or you just want a low maintenance look, try this.

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The Bombshell Blowout

This very dramatic blown out style was worn by Alba when she appeared on the cover of Elle China. It is big, bold, and wonderfully striking. Those tight, wavy curls add a curiously twenties vibe, but the size of the hair brings it back into the here and now; so, it’s a mixture of modern and retro looks. It works for the Mechanic actress because it has been teamed with a similarly striking smoky eye and hot red lip. While the style might be a little edgy for formal occasions, it would make a great choice for cooler parties and get togethers. Using clip in hair extensions, start vigorously backcombing, before you put the curls in, as a simple way to introduce volume.

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