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#hairgoals How to Get Beachy Waves Hair

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The summer may be almost over, but there’s one way to keep that carefree vibe alive. After all, there’s no reason why the end of summer has to mean the start of winter for your hair. In fact, treating yourself to a vibrant cut and colour or a brand new hairstyle is a great way to keep your spirits up as the days grow colder.

You’ll often see actresses, singers, and supermodels switch up their style and make a return to beachy, sunkissed waves in the autumn, because they’re surprisingly low maintenance and they’re lots of fun. The cold weather can wreak havoc and bring split ends aplenty, which is why relatively simple ‘dos are a good idea.

We’re going to give you some helpful hints and tips on how to create the perfect beachy, ‘mermaid style’ waves.

Step One: Create a Centre Parting

First, take a thin toothed comb and use it to create a dead straight centre parting. Or, if you prefer, you can swap it for a side parting, but it needs to be neat. For most ladies, styling is actually easier when the hair is a little dirty, so feel free to miss out on wash day if you’re short of time. The natural oils add extra shine and vitality; they also function as a natural protectant when it comes to the heat from styling tools.

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Step Two: Gently Curl the Ends

For gorgeous and relaxed waves, the best approach is to only really curl the middle and end sections. Otherwise, you’ll get much bigger, bouncier ringlets. If the top and the roots remain mostly flat, the waves will look like they’re kind of ‘tumbling’ into your tresses. The curling irons only need to be on a medium heat and you might want to spritz your hair with a protective spray first. This is extra important for girls who wear hair extensions.

Step Three: Apply Gel or Hairspray to Finish

Once you’ve finished styling and those romantic waves are looking fierce, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go with wet look chic or something lighter. Most girls just spritz with hairspray and they’re ready to go, but celebs like Victoria Beckham and Rita Ora have been big on the slicked back vibes just lately. When blending hair extensions with natural hair, it’s better to rely on your fingertips rather than a brush or comb. All you have to do is gently ruffle your tresses to introduce a bit of movement and get things looking au naturel.


Why Clip In Hair Extensions Are Great for the Winter

Our clip in hair extensions are ideal for the winter months, because they give you a chance to ease up on styling pressures. As already mentioned, the cold and the harsh weather can play havoc with the health of hair, so it needs as much support as possible to stay strong and shiny.

Cutting down on heat based styling and the use of harsh, chemical filled products is a good way to provide this. With clip in hair extensions, you can enjoy thick, luscious locks without compromising on strength or vitality.

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