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Wear Your Hair Like Nicole Scherzinger

Former Pussycat Doll and pop diva extraordinaire Nicole Scherzinger has just made a return to the X Factor and the 38 year old star is looking so good that viewers are getting a little suspicious. This week, she’s been forced to respond to rumours of cosmetic surgery, by confessing that her two biggest beauty secrets are hot yoga and drinking plenty of water.

You can’t blame audiences for wondering. You don’t get to be almost forty and still be a total hard body without a lot of work. It helps to have amazing hair, of course, and Nicole is rocking some of the finest tresses in show business. In fact, she’s feeling so fabulous right now that the claws have been coming out. The judge has had a sneaky swipe at ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton and former colleague Cheryl Cole already.

So, start tuning into the X Factor for your weekly dose of TV drama and at the very least, you can steal some hairstyle inspiration from the divide Miss Scherzinger.

The Big Top Bun

Over the years, Nicole has made her love for hair extensions pretty clear. She’s rarely seen without the longest, most beautiful locks and you know she’s got to be faking it somewhere down the line. So, take your cue from one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet and get yourself some high quality hair extensions. Then, you can steal this high, elegant bun-come-chignon style. The trick to perfecting it is to twist and wind the hair, rather than tuck it, so that you build up the height via layering. Using a hair doughnut is the easiest way to stack your chignon and introduce some serious glamour.

The Chunky Double Braid

The best braids are made when length meets chunkiness. So, for that classic nineties vibe, build your double braids to be fat and well defined, like Nicole has here; because she has the length too, they’re as sophisticated as they are contemporary. You can even steal her method of tapering the ends and braiding tighter and thinner as you near the bottom of your tresses. Most celebs opt for a neat centre part when double braiding, but you can keep things tousled and casual if you’re looking for a low maintenance hairstyle.

The Rolled Out and Dolled Up

Now, this is what we call a dramatic barnet. The curls are big, bouncy and have that dreamy, romantic vibe and the simplest way to create them is with actual rollers. Fortunately, they’re quite cheap to buy – if you haven’t already got any – and you can use them to curl your clip in hair extensions as well. Just make sure that they are securely attached and well blended first. Then, start at the ends of your hair and gently push the rollers upwards, until you reach the roots. Smaller rollers will give you tighter curls and larger ones will leave you with a serious case of sixties style bounce.

The Golden Oldie Ponytail

You can never go wrong with a good ponytail and Nicole Scherzinger seems to be the Queen of this hairstyle. Just like her former X Factor workmate, Cheryl Cole, she’s got the back to basics look down. Simplicity is key to a glamorous pony and the only thing that you really need is enough length to make a statement. So, dig out your clip in hair extensions, get your wet look hair gel in hand and start channelling your inner Sporty Spice. We reckon that the simple ponytail is going to be huge this winter, because it is low maintenance without being boring.

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