Why is red hair so special? Well, there are quite a few characteristics that make natural red hair unique, but even when we’re talking about dyed red tresses, a lot of people have quite a few questions. From concerns about the colour fading quickly to how to find their shade of red and how your hair colour impacts your pain tolerance. And whether you're a natural redhead or thinking about going red, if you have any red-hair-related questions, chances are we’re going to answer them in this blog – so keep on reading! 

Is Red Hair The Rarest Hair Colour?

Yes! Red hair is indeed the rarest natural hair colour in the world: imagine, only around 2% of the world’s population is born with naturally red hair! This gorgeous colour is caused by a genetic variation in a gene called MC1R, and is most commonly found among those of Northern European descent: for example, red hair is mostly associated with Scottish and Irish people – although it’s not exclusive to these areas. Sadie Sink, Jessica Chastain, Madeleine Petsch and Bryce Dallas-Howard are four famous natural redheads in Hollywood!

Can Anyone Dye Their Hair Red?

Yes, anyone can dye their hair red, regardless of their natural hair colour – although it is important to note that your starting natural hair colour will have an impact on your final results. On top of that, choosing the right shade of red is important to make sure you’ll end up with a dye job that is flattering to your complexion. If you have naturally dark hair, you may need to bleach it to achieve the desired results; a process that can unfortunately damage your tresses. 

If you’d like to find out more about which shades of red work better with your skin undertone and complexion, take a look at our dedicated blog: Which Red Is Best For Your Undertones?

Got hair extensions? Dyeing them isn’t usually advised, although you can try and take them to your local salon to see what they can do. If you have lighter hair extensions and want them to go red, this process can be experimented with – whilst we usually strongly advise our customers not to bleach their extensions. Why not explore our collection of red hair extensions instead?

What Shades Of Red Are There For Hair?

If you’re being seduced by the beauty of a red mane and would like to try it yourself, don’t be shy: there are so many shades to choose from! Trendy copper tones, rich and velvety auburn shades, delicate and blushing strawberry blonde and the editorial and edgy power of bright red or cherry tones are only a few of the choices you can experiment with. 

Do Redheads Have A Higher Pain Tolerance?

Whilst this is still object of debate, some research suggests that redheads may require more anesthesia during medical procedures. Yet another redhead mystery! However, it’s important to note that pain tolerance itself varies from person to person, and it determined by several factors – it cannot be determined solely by one’s hair colour at all! 

Do Redheads Go Grey?

Yes, redheads do go grey or even white as they age! Red tends to fade to a lighter colour rather than going completely silver, so it may take longer for a natural redhead to fully lose pigmentation in her tresses. Again, greying of the hair is down to genetics, so there’s no rule that applies to all redheads out there. Are you a redhead losing her natural fiery colour? In that case, you may want to take a look at this post:  Why Does Hair Go Grey - And How Do I Embrace It?

Are Redheads More Sensitive To The Sun?

Natural redheads often have fair skin that is more susceptible to sunburn, but again, this is not a given. Regardless of your skin tone or hair colour, you should always apply a generous amount of SPF on your skin, hair and scalp before going outside – especially if you’re going to be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of times, such as when going to the beach! 

Are There More Redheads In Certain Countries?

As previously mentioned, red hair is most commonly found in Northern European countries such as Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands. That said, with travelling and migration from the past, the unique beauty of natural red hair can be admired pretty much anywhere – although in some regions this may be quite rare. 

Can Red Hair Change Over Time?

Yes, red hair can change over time. Some people report their naturally red tresses darkening or lightening with ageing, especially during their teenage years. Hormonal changes, genetics and other factors can all have an impact on how one’s red hair may change throughout their lifetime!

Do Redheads Have A Different Personality?

No, redheads being “feisty” or having a “fiery personality” is a negative stereotype coming from a time in which people with red hair have been pinned with negative connotations due to ignorance, prejudices, and folklore. Your personality is determined by a complex interplay of genetics, the environment one is brought up into, and their personal experiences – definitely not one’s hair colour, although some redheads (just like brunettes or blondes) may be quite fond of their hair colour, and own it or flaunt it as part of who they are. 

What's The Best Way To Care For Red Hair?

If you dyed your hair red, then you may want to pay particular attention to how you treat it and take care of it. Red is a pigment that tends to fade easily! Always remember to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, and include colour-treated specific products in you hair care routine. Limit the exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, and make sure you supercharge your hair colour with a tinted deep conditioning treatment once a week or so! These little tricks will allow you to maintain the vibrancy in your red tresses. Want to know more? Find out about the best shampoos for red hair or check out our blog: How To Keep Red Hair Dye From Fading.


Here are the most asked questions about red hair! Got any more questions? If you’d like to know more about how to maintain your red locks bright, vibrant, and full of life, or again: if you’d like to find the perfect ginger hair extensions?

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