Looking for a new hairstyle? Well, whilst we were all focusing on trendy, nostalgic bronde shades and fascinating, alluring red hues, somebody out there (read: iconic Miley Cyrus!) decided to go and find her new seasonal look in a captivating shade of brunette. Introducing: Miley Cyrus’ dark chocolate brown hair!

Miley Cyrus Is A Brunette… Again

Hardcore fans of the Flowers singer will know that Cyrus has been a blonde for over ten years now, and just before that, her brown locks used to tether her image to that of one Hannah Montana, a character from Miley’s acting and performing career that (at some point), she may have wanted to leave behind.

By changing her image and re-inventing her musical style, Miley expressed herself and liberated her artistry from the past. But, perhaps, singing “I used to be young” sparked a note of nostalgia, and Miley decided to go back to brunette locks?

Her fans, of course, are already delighted. Although Miley makes an amazing blonde, (with all the variations she tried, including her iconic gemini hairstyle with light blonde and black) brunette Miley hits different. See, the trip down memory lane isn’t just Miley’s, it’s ours too, feeling like it’s 2008 again!

How To Get Miley Cyrus’ Brunette Hair

Miley’s hair have been going progressively darker throughout 2023, finally reaching this deep, sultry, intense shade of brown. Whilst the first photographs of her new do are quite unclear (we have a very dark background and flash lighting to thank for that!), our take for now is that she could be matched to our Darkest Brown hair extensions.

Things To Consider Before Going Brunette

If you’re a blonde or redhead considering a change of hair, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re pondering dark brown as your next hair shade. First things first: pick a shade of brunette that will go in harmony with your eyebrows, or discuss with your beautician the possibility of dyeing them.

Second point: make sure your brunette shade of choice goes in harmony with your skin undertone and the rest of your palette. You can read more about this in our dedicated blog: How To Choose A New Hair Colour?.

Alternatively, you could look into adding lowlights in your natural tresses by adding brunette hair extensions to your ‘do.

Would Dolly Approve?

Fun fact: according to sources, Miley’s been wanting to go back to a darker shade for a long time. The reason why she waited it out instead? Her godmother Dolly Parton, apparently. Last December, the Malibu singer confessed to Hoda Kotb for Today about how Parton “clutched her pearls” at the shocking news that her protege Miley might abandon her blonde hair.

Although Miley learned many lessons from her godmother and fellow artist Dolly Parton, we all know she is an independent character – and we absolutely love how she took a lead on her personal image and decided to give it a go anyway!

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