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Vikings Lagertha Inspired Hair Tutorial

Vikings Lagertha Inspired Hair Tutorial


I have to admit I am totally hooked on the Vikings tv show. It is not just me it seems like women everywhere are huge fans. So much action, love and adventure and Vikings’ Lagertha, the warrior woman, have all our bells ringing. Besides her powerful character and astounding performance, She has the viewers and especially females of all age with her jaw-dropping hairstyle. For people who are so busy plotting against each other, they have a lot of time to create some killer (excuse the pun) hairstyles. I saw this style and feel totally in love. The traditional braided inspired hairstyle has a slightly twisted approach in the creating of that stylish yet war goddess-like look.

It has braids, volume and a whole lot of drama. This is a must try if you want to bring out your inner warrior or even just turn some heads. This is definitely a style you want to show off so #wearcliphair to show your Viking look off on out Instagram.



This look can be done on either first or second-day hair but straight hair is your friend for this look. Even if you have freshly washed locks I would make sure that you add some dry shampoo near your roots, the volume is a must for this style. I put in a full set of double weft hair extensions for this style but if you have single weft extensions it will still be great, just make sure that you put in a full set. If you are like me and don’t have naturally straight hair it is time to add some heat protecting serum and get your straighteners heated up. I have seen this style with sections of hair crimped as well which looks incredible.


Add some volume

Separate an oval-shaped section of hair running from your eyebrows to your crown. Separate this section and divide it into rows. You are going to tease the roots vigorously at each row the bring the rows together to create a small ponytail at the top of your head. This also helps to keep the hair out of the way for the next part. If you do want to crimp sections of your hair I would suggest doing it on your ponytail.


Creating your braids

Use a fishtail comb to separate a once inch row of hair on to the side of this section. This will be above your temple. Divide it in half. You are going to create a tight twist braid travelling back around your ear. Don’t forget to add strands from underneath so it stays tight. When you get behind your ear introduce another strand and start to create a dutch braid to the ends of your end. Create another twist and dutch braid with a section directly below this. Hold a few strands and push the braids up towards your head then continue the braids then repeat on the other side. If you prefer a rope braid you can twist your two braids around each other.


Your finishing touches

You don’t need much to complete this look just gently curly the rest of your hair to create waves and add some hairspray.


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