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Three styles that are perfect for day to night

I love leaving my hair down but with the wind blowing it does not look as good at the end of the day as I want it to without a lot of hairspray. I do try to take care of my hair which means trying to limit the number of hair products I use. Don’t get me wrong I still use the serum and heated tools but I try to cut it down where possible. These looks are a great day to night looks that still have the wow factor. If you want some hair inspiration to follow this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair your look.



The loop through ponytail

This one is incredibly easy to create. Create a shallow centre parting then divide your hair in half like you are creating a half up half down style. Twist the back of your top section and pin it in place. This both helps you to retain some height at your crown and add something interesting to your style.

Divide the ends of your twist in half then take a section from underneath and clip it out of the way for now. Next separate another row of hair below your twist and, including the ends of your twist section create a mini ponytail. Now split the section you had clipped away in half and pin the ponytail up in between the sections out of the way. Create a new ponytail with a new row, incorporating the divided section of hair. Repeat this a few more times until you get to the end of your hair and you are done.



Uptown girl

I love this look if you want to have a little bit of a Breakfast at Tiffanys moment. Begin by separating the section of hair in front of your ears. Tie or pin them out of the way for now so you can style them to look the best later. Now create an oval division around your crown and tease your roots at your crown.

This beehive style is all about the height so if you haven’t already got your Cliphair extensions in, clip some in at your crown. It is great to have lots of hair here but it won’t create the shape you want.

Pin a hair donut or even a pair of socks at the back of your crown and flip your thick crown hair over the top to hide it and pin it into place. Gather the rest of your hair (excluding the front sections in front of your ears) and secure into a low ponytail.

You are going to turn your ponytail into a low bun. I did it the simplest way possible, twist and wind. Simply twist your ponytail, so it kind of looks like a tube, then wind it around itself before you secure with a few pins. Twist the sections in front of your ears then tug them a little for volume. Wrap these around your bun and pin into place to finish.

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