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How to create an awesome bow braid

Authored By Cliphair Extensions


Bows have been a major trend for hair accessories on the catwalk over the last few months but they don’t always suit every style and not everyone has a bow or ribbon in their closet. That does not mean that you have to miss out on all the fun. There is a much more interesting way of creating a bow and it is with your own hair. We are all aware of the bow bun style but a look I find even more interesting is this bow braid style. This style is so intricate and amazing you will have all your friends wondering how you achieved it. If you want to create your bow braid keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.




This style is great for second-day hair, just add a bit of dry shampoo to help with grip. I only added my Cliphair extensions around my crown and back of my head as a volume isn’t too important near the top of your head but the length is great towards the back. You don’t need heat for this look but you wit need your hair grips so make sure you have them ready.


Create your braid

Take a small section of hair near the front of your hairline and divide it into three. form a french braid from the centre of your head, along with your hairline all the way to your ear. Make sure that you add strands from underneath.


Adding in the bows

Separate a small section of hair behind the braid and spritz with a little water. This is essential to have the precession you need to create the bows. Now poke the curved end of your hair grip through the first row of the braid. Next, take a few strands of hair and create a loop shape. Thread the loop through the hair grip, like you would threading a piece thread throw the eye of a needle. Take the loop of hair and guide the hairpin down it. You are going to gently tug the hair loop and the hair grip as you move it downward. This will create a loop either side of your braid making your first braid bow. Tuck the end underneath your braid so that it is concealed (you may want to use your hair grip to help you with this)



You will repeat about 6 or 7 times so that there are braids all the way down your braid to behind your ear. You can choose to extend the braid and continue the bows downward or diagonally cross the back of your head. Don’t forget to add water each time you are going to create a new loop of hair, trust me it makes the process so much easier. If you want to keep it simple secure your braid behind your ear and curl the rest of your hair and run your fingers through it to create waves. Add hairspray and you are done.


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