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Top 7 Gym Proof Hair and Make-up Tips

Autumn/winter Beauty Trends

The gym – it’s no place for false lashes, bright lips, or full coverage foundation, but that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on your look. If you can’t quite commit to going completely bare faced, there’s a few gym make-up items we suggest you pick up, so you can really nail that whole (sweat proof) no make-up makeup look and the best gym friendly hairstyles. Who says you can’t look cute while you work out?

If you’re a gym bunny or like to run, and still want to look cute, then you need to protect your hair and skin from sweat and strain. Makeup when breaking a sweat is a big offender when it comes to clogging your pores, so it’s best to know the tips and tricks that will not only make you look good, but also protect your hair and skin.

These killer styles and tips are amazing and get points in both the looks and practical departments.

1. Perfect with Primer

gym proof makeup primer

If you’re exercising right, you should be breaking a sweat, which usually means (for the average person) a serious make-up meltdown. Stop yours in its tracks by prepping your face with a great mattifying primer. Look for a ‘photo-ready’ perfecting primer which not only works to minimise flaws, even out skin texture and reduce the appearance of flaws, but it makes foundation last all day too.

After all, if you’ve spent time perfecting that made-up gym face you don’t want it all sliding off, do you?

2. Even with BB Cream

bb cream gym proof

For your base, it’s best to keep things light. As we mentioned, the gym is no place for full coverage foundation and it could, in fact, lead to breakouts (and no one wants that). Instead, opt for something like a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream.

A good BB cream can also make your skin tone look even and leave your face looking super smooth. They’re such a good choice for a gym as they tend to be super long lasting and give just the right amount of gym make-up coverage.

3. Be practical with a braided ponytail

braided ponytail for gym

This style is a gym go-to as it gets your hair away from your face and keep it all away while you exercise.

Start by creating a slight side part on the side you want to create your braid. Pin the larger section out of the way for now. Take a small section of hair at your hairline and divide it into two. When working backwards with your braid and can’t see it as well, try a Dutch fishtail as it helps blend your hair extensions easier without being able to see them perfectly in the gym bathroom.

To start your braid, take a small section from the outside of the left side, cross it underneath then add it to the inside of the right section. Repeat this on the right section and you will have created your first cross. Add strands as you repeat this all the way to the end. If you have your brush with you brush the rest of your hair, if not your look will be more textured. Gather your hair, including your braid, into a low ponytail and secure it. Wrap strands around your hair tie to conceal it and you are done!

4. High Impact Mascara

smokey eyes

When it comes to wearing mascara in the gym, we’ve only got one word for you: WATERPROOF! After all, the last thing you want to worry about mid-workout is the thought of your eye make-up running or smudging. A good quality waterproof mascara is a gym make-up essential – long lashes and not a panda eye in sight, perfect!

5. Shine Control Papers

bare face make up

Shall we let you into a secret? The best way to look dewy post gym session (rather than sweaty) is to invest in a pack of wonderful Shine Control Papers. With the power to mop up any sweat, shine and wetness without spoiling our make-up, our gym make-up kit wouldn’t be complete without them.

It’s also a good idea to wear a bandana or workout band to soak up your sweat around your forehead to protect your hair.

6. Opt for the pigtails

Top pigtails Gym Proof Hair

Pigtails are awesome but if you wear them as just as ponytails there is a good chance they will get in your face whilst you are working out. That is hopeless and will make you look and feel ridiculous. This doesn’t have to be the case though and this awesome Instagram pic proves it.

Firstly, start by either creating a shallow side or centre part from your hairline to your crown. If you don’t already have hair extensions input them in closer to the nape of your neck now. Take a two-inch section about an inch back from your hairline and divide it in three. Fold the outer sections over the middle one, one by one to create a braid. Add some strands and continue until you reach the nape of your neck and secure with a clear elastic hair tie. This is important; make sure that the end of your braid isn’t directly behind your ear. By leaving a gap it will help you control the movement of the pigtail.

Repeat on the other side, brush your pigtails and you are finished and ready to hit the gym.

7. Smart casual top knot

gym proof makeup Womank Holding Her Hair

This is an absolute go-to for a quick post-gym look. It is so quick and easy and works brilliantly with a headband if your roots are extra sweaty. Another way to make sure your hair looks full and dries nicely is dry shampoo.

Divide a triangle shape near your hairline, twist and pin it to create extra volume before you form a high ponytail. Hold the end of your pony and move your hair towards your hair tie for extra oomph. Twist it and twirl it around your hair tie to create your bun. Pin down to secure it and pull some strands out near your temples and you are ready.

Remember to always make sure you tie or style your hair back, away from your forehead and neck where most of your sweat will accumulate.

Need help achieving the perfect gym-proof hairstyle? Try our clip in extensions.

Which look will you be trying next season? Let us know, and  don't forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your new season looks! 

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