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Top 5 Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends 2021 That Will be Taking Over Instagram

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal; back to school, back to uni and back to work for many of us. We’ve all been at home for so long, if you’re not sure what or how you should be doing your face for the oncoming season, we’ve got the lowdown on the beauty trends you need to try for come autumn.  From the classic red lip, to the oh-so-chic pop of eye colour, these are the hottest make-up and beauty trends make-up look and trend to inspire you for Autumn/Winter 2021.

1. Pop of Colour

Top 5 Autumn/winter Beauty Trends That Will be Taking Over Instagram Soon

When it comes to your eyes this year, it’s all about that bright pop of colour. Invest in a couple of different shadows, whether it’s pink, mustard yellow or aquamarine, to help add some wow-factor to your lids (as seen on the runways at Rixo, Matty Bovan and Self Portrait). If you’re going for an all-out look, really pack the colour on to make sure your eyes stand out.  If you’re not totally sold on this trend just yet, then apply the colour sparingly on the outer corners of your eyes, keeping the rest of your lid neutral to create a balanced effect, or perhaps get a coloured mascara, it creates such a simple but chic touch of colour.

2. Classic Lips

Woman wearing red lipstick

Put away your dark plum and nude lip colours for the next season folks, the classics have made a comeback. Stock up on glossy fire engine reds and flirty matte red to make sure your lips do all the talking throughout the cold months. For this season, we are going for or an intense and powerful lip, so if going for red lip, you’ll have to keep the eyes simple. At Saint Laurent, we saw a model walk the runway with flawless skin and a red lip you could see from a mile away! (the key in getting that flawless look is on prep; don’t compromise on prepping your skin before foundation.

3. Black Eyeliner

textured waves

Liquid eyeliner has been a must-have make up in any makeup bag since we can remember. And this signature makeup look is still high fashion. This was a very versatile beauty trend; from studded eyeliner at Valentino to the extra-long winged liner at Miu Miu. We reckon this is a stylish take on the exaggerated Cleopatra-style liner, (you’ll notice thick black liners, geometric eyeliner styles, bold liner at the top and bottom of the lash line and so on). This autumn/ winter beauty trend is all about experimenting with colour, shape, style and texture (without minimal effort).

4. Smokey Eyes

smokey eyes

Chanel sent model down the runways with subtle smokey eyes and half up hair (we love it), while Michael Kors’ were in understated smokey eyes and nude lips. The ultimate date night look, the smokey eye, is still a must when it comes to the beauty trends you need to try out this year. Sultry and seductive eyes will always be a stalwart in the beauty world, so you’d better start picking up the palettes ASAP, and remember to keep it subtle!

5. The "no-makeup" Makeup Look

bare face make up

We can put away our contour brushes and palettes, this autumn/ winter beauty trend is making that super sculpted contoured look a thing of the past. We are moving to softer and subtle looks (get your highlight palettes ready) - these glowing fresh faces at Balmain are what's in. This subtle highlighting gives your skin an ethereal sheen. We bet you’ll be you’ll be seeing more and more “no-makeup” glam looks all over your social media feeds. Be sure to make sure you complete your autumn/ winter beauty looks with the perfect in season hairstyle and hair colours. Shop our hair extensions to complete the look.

Which look will you be trying next season? Let us know, and  don't forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your new season looks! 

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