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Mrs Hinch Post-Lockdown Hair Transformation: Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Mrs Hinch Post-Lockdown Hair

Sophie Hinchcliffe, otherwise known as Mrs Hinch (@mrshinchhome) shared some behind-the-scenes pics and videos of her hair getting fitted (and she shared the process too!) Mrs Hinch, as she is known on Instagram, usually wears her hair short but this time around, she opted for much longer, flowy hair. Her thick, shoulder length style was replaced by Rapunzel locks, perfect for a book cover, wink wink).

The Instagram star has joined some of our favourite celebs in unveiling a brand-new post lockdown hair transformation (and it seems that long hair is THE hairstyles right now).

With nearly 4 million followers on her Instagram, the social media star shot to fame after sharing her home deco and cleaning tips and tricks on Instagram. But this time around, it was her incredible hair extensions that were the talk of the town.


“I’ve had lots of messages about having long hair again guys, so when I had my hair cut short I still had extensions in for thickness (my hair is naturally sooo fine) but my bonds needed to come out this month because they had grown out so much in lockdown”.

Mrs Hinch posted on her story.

“So I’ve had fresh colour and a fresh set put in and didn’t want to cut them short straight away. But I’ll go short again when my extensions are due to be changed, I like to mix it up.”

 (psst anyone taking notes?)

The Hair

Mrs Hinch Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Mrs Hinch is wearing a full head of pre-bonded hair extensions, installed by a hair stylist. Pre-bonded hair extensions are pre-tipped to human hair extensions where the hair is bonded into an individual strand using keratin glue. The cleaning and home guru has the extensions all the way down to her waist, meaning to get this look; you’ll likely need 18, 20- or 24-inch hair extensions, depending on how long you want your hair to be.

Mrs Hinch also tagged her hairstylist, known as Emma (@emmaevolve_hairandphotography) who not only attached the hair extensions, but she coloured and styled it all too.

Pre-bonded extensions are such a great way to take control of the hair you’d like; you can pick and choose the best hair, colour and length for yourself (instead of taking whatever the hairdressers at the salon have available, or paying way than you need to – it will save a lot of money on high salon prices.


Here at Cliphair, our pre-bonded extensions come in a variety of lengths and colours. Our pre-bonded hair extensions are sold in a pack of 50 soft and silky strands weighing 1g each. They’re applied strand by strand for a natural result.

Make like Mrs Hinch and care for your human hair extensions so you can reapply them! The durability of your pre-bonded hair extensions is affected by the way they are cared for and by how often they’re reapplied.

Your pre-bonded extensions will naturally move down as your own hair grows. After a point, you’ll want to have them reapplied, depending on your hair type this will be between 8-12 weeks.

As we hinted earlier, it might be possible that the post lockdown hair transformation is actually for her new book, This is Me – expected to be released October 1.

Either that or, like the rest of us and our fav celebs, we are all desperate for a change after the way 2020 has gone so far! 


How do you like Mrs Hinch's long hair tranformation? Let us know what you think on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!


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