Being at home 24/7 can actually make us a little lazy when it comes to getting all glammed up – it’s so easy to stay in pyjamas all day and repeat day after day. So today, we’re bringing you some inspo with some incredibly gorgeous, but very easy hairstyles you can do quickly and easily to transform your look in no time!


Got a conference video call while working from home? Have a virtual ‘house party’ with friends? Or do you have a hot date online? Whatever your plans are, you want to be able to chill and not wake up as early as you do for work or take as long as you usually do when getting ready for a night out. That’s why today we are sharing a time-saving and stunning lazy girl hairstyles that are perfect for those lazy days AND still slay.


A Gorgeous Twisted Half-up Style

Stunning Lazy Girl Hairstyles to Do at Home

This style often gets worn at a fancy event but can be seriously simple to create so it is perfect for those lazy days. Pop in your Cliphair human hair extensions so we can get this bohemian beauty created. Add some heat protecting serum to your locks. If you are short of time or don’t want to use heated tools, skip this part. Opt for bigger curls as they take less time and still look amazing.

Add hairspray and run your fingers through them to create amazing waves. Separate a triangle shape section from your hairline to your crown and pin it to the back of your crown. You still want the ends of your curls to still show. Now take a two-inch section from the left of the triangle, twist it, drape it over the hairpin and pin it. Do the same with the right side and all done!


The Side Braid Ponytail

side braid pony lazy girl hair 

This is a style you can wear anywhere, and it works well. Once your locks are brushed through, you can separate a one-inch section of hair from around your left ear and down to your nape. Pin it out of the way for now and take a section of hair above your crown next to it. Separate this section into three and start to create a braid.

As you travel down gather hair from the sides rather than underneath as you don’t want the braid getting longer. Make sure you angle your braid so that you end at the nape on the right side. Create a second braid right under it if you want to double the impact. Secure the braids and all the rest of your hair into a side ponytail. That’s it for this fab style!


The Ultra Casual Bedhead

Stunning Lazy Girl Hairstyles to Do at Home

If you are more interested in spending time actually working or spending more time with friends than hovering in front of the mirror, this is the ideal hairstyle for you. With the casual bedhead look (emphasis on casual), every hair doesn’t have to be perfectly in place. You do not have to look like you have just stepped off the Armani catwalk – just brush through your tresses, scrunch in some hair gel, and you are ready to go. To add a little extra glamour to this ‘do, wear loose rollers in your hair overnight.


The Delicate Curl

Stunning Lazy Girl Hairstyles to Do at Home

For another hairdo which suits lazy girls right down to the ground, try this delicate and romantic curled hairstyle. It requires only the minimum of effort and fuss; just a couple of loose hair ties and a quick blast of a strong hold hair spray.  

Plus, you can cheat your way to flawless glamour by tying your hair back in a bun or braid before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, simply run a wide toothed comb through your tresses and coat it with another light spritz of hairspray – voila, instant sophistication!


The Insatiable Updo

Stunning Lazy Girl Hairstyles to Do at Home

No big party is complete without the perfect outfit and complementing hairdo, even if it’s a party through the screen. For a look which is guaranteed to turn heads, experiment with this pretty updo. 

Stunning Lazy Girl Hairstyles to Do at Home

To make it happen, you just need to pull half of your hair up into a loose bun or pony and leave the rest free and luscious. For a little extra flair, you could braid the back of your hair and wind the braid across your crown.  

The Fishtail Braid

Stunning Lazy Girl Hairstyles to Do at Home

The ever-elegant fishtail braid seems never to go out of style. We can see why too, because it offers a sophisticated look which is not so soft and gentle that it seems twee. There is almost a rock chick vibe about the fishtail, which has made it popular. Learn how to master this easy hairstyle here


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