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Top 10 Hair Accessories in 2017 (Part 1)

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

You got a pretty outfit on, smashing with your footwear, now what’s that is missing? Hair Accessories because that’s absolutely a must. If you are fashion junkie or aspire to be the one, you know how hair accessories are becoming exclusive in the mainstream fashion world. Many catwalks around the world have promoted high-class fashionable hair accessories as separate entries which, well, says it all. There was a fun display of all sort of funky curls, crazy braids, low pony tails and finger waves but that was not it, there was a whole range of cool hair accessories and hair Jewelry.

If you are a party goer heading to a club night this weekend or thinking to grab fine glass of champagne after working in high end city central, you may like to go through the below trends. We have carefully researched and selected them for you lovely girls all the way from London to Paris runway shows.

Hair Jewelry

In fall 2016, Hair Jewelry trend has been much quite in among all age groups. Your look is not complete without fancy and fashionable ornaments that will not only give you a trendy look, but it will also compliment your dress.  The models were decorated with loose updos on the back of their heads, some were wearing the knotted buns which gave them a very coquettish look. Brooches and barrettes were also seen as the trendiest. If you are going for any of these, you can just keep you hair in a place, or maybe, as I would insist, be a little adventurous.

In on of the runways, pretty butterfly clips, clips in shape of flowers, stars and funky evil eyes mixed were outshining.


Top 10 Hair Accessories in 2017


Headbands ae back form School

Yes, they are absolutely back with the bang as many famous designers displayed variety of princess-y style headbands on runways. Gorgeous models were totally synched up with a ball game theme, or rather a fairy tale. Ashley Williams gemstone headbands came too voyage-y when the audience saw the enticing assemblages of sports tees, jackets and similar casual pieces rocking with fancy headbands.



Hair Extensions

Fall winter 2016 Fashion shows hair extensions were ever trendy and it’s even going to stretch over to the Early 2017. Long and voluminous hair extensions were spot on the run way. Some models took the French Pleats; some went for a traditional style with a modern twist.


Check this space for more fabulous and heart-throbbing Hair Accessories in my next blog. Till then, try these ones out and let us know how lovely you were.

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