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How to keep your hair as lustrous as Hair Extensions?

How to keep your hair as lustrous as Hair Extensions?
Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Not many people know how easy it is to have healthy and shiny hair without using chemical induced products or even meat. Your hair need lots of vitamins, proteins and minerals and those who wish to keep their diet meat free, there’s still big hopes. Daily intake of fresh vegetables & fruit is the best solution to balance the need of huge amounts of nutrients and keep hair as strong, healthy and lustrous as the looks of hair extensions. And most amazing thing is you don’t need lots of money for this treatment.


Let’s dig out 5 basics Vegan Foods for your Hair Growth,

1. Who doesn’t love Avocados? The monounsaturated fats in avocados is higher than the oil present in virgin olive oil. You can spread it out on your toasts, or apply directly to your scalp, both will do wonders. It can be primary source for your hair strength, nourishment and growth.



2. Almond is not only to help improve certain memory functions and repair brain cells. But it is also full of proteins and vitamins A, D, B1, B2 that smoothly infiltrate into hair strands and make them softened, beautiful and strong. The protein contains in Almonds will improve collagen in the body which is required for hair core strength. If your hair is too dry, this may work as elasticity agent and resist the damage due to dryness. We all crave for snacks at some point in a day, go for healthy snack maybe?


3. I can’t get enough of Kale. I won’t lie it has become my personal obsession and no wonder why I am addicted to it. It’s doing SO good to my hair and digestive system. Kale belongs to alkaline food which is rich in iron and Vitamin B. It helps prevent acidity in the body that can lead to breaking and damaging of hair. You can use it in salad, or simply easy to make kale crisps in oven with salt and any other seasoning. There’s no excuse you can’t have bowl full of Kale today.


4. An apple a day, keeps the doctor, hair loss, an itchy dry scalp away. It is full of vitamins A, B & C which will provide basic nutrients to your scalp. It contains natural compound to promote hair growth and strength. Apple also contain antioxidants that helps improving the immune system and minimising the effects of physical degeneration of hair. It has nature fibre to strengthen your hair follicles and reduce acute hair loss.


5. Ever wondered why almost every hair conditioning company has basic coconut option? Because it is magical. It is the major source of hair growth. You can eat or drink it in any form or apply it as an oil. Coconut oil reduces inflammation and acids circulation which has direct effect on hair health. It’s full of healthy fats to keep hair like a boss. Shiny & strong.

On top of everything, drink water as much as you can. You won’t believe how smoothly it brings the best in your hair and not just body. Your hair growth and strength also depends on the intake of your water. If you follow the basics, you will notice the quality of your own hair will match the good health and shine of your new hair extensions



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