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Three braid hot ponytail

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This look is what I like to call a New York style, edge, unapologetic and is great for a woman who, like the city, is full of life and never sleeps. This look is actually a great gym look as well but it looks so hot that it would be a far better match to a cocktail dress than a pair of running shoes. If you are looking for a way to spice up your ponytail, you are going to fall in love with this style as much as I have. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to achieving your look and #wearcliphair to show it off.


Step number 1: preparation

This style is divine but it does need you to have polished locks. Make sure your hair is completely tangled free so if you have naturally curly locks add some extra conditioner or treatment so your hair is extra luscious. You will want your hair to sleek and straight so it is easy to handle. Before you straighten your hair pop in your Cliphair extensions and add some heat protecting serum. This both protects and helps your hair to look nicer for longer. Double win. Having your lines dead on is the key to the success of this style so use a fishtail/rattail comb and take your time.

Use the top of the arch of your eyebrows as a guide and create an arched part around to your crown. Keep that oval section out and pin the rest of your hair away. Now, create a centre parting down the middle of your oval section. This is not going to be your usual centre parting though, leave a small line of hair in the centre from your hairline to your crown and create an oval either side of this.


Step number 2: time to braid

Now that you have your partings all sorted it is time to get down to your braids. We are going to start with the thin section in between your centre part. I put a little bit of wax onto my finger so I had a bit more control of my hair but if you don’t think you will need it, go without. Divide this section into three and create a tight three-strand braid.

You are going to take a thin line of hair from the outside of your oval halves and create a thin braid with them as well. With your larger sections of hair in between your smaller braids split it into three take the section on the left, take it under the middle to the right. Now take the hair on the right under and to the left, you want to keep this tight to ensure it stays in place. You are going to continue this back towards your crown, make sure that you add strands of hair as you go. To complete this look, gather your hair at your crown to create a ponytail and wrap some hair around your base to finish.


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