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The best fringe for your face shape


It has been a while since I have done a blog on this topic but I am finding more and more of you are trying out fringes this year. That it is worth looking at fringes more closely. There are so many different styles of fringes but there is not a one size fits all look. If you have a round face shape you are going to have a very different fringe than someone with oval face shape. I love fringes but if you get the wrong one it can really take a toll on your self-esteem. Today I am going to share my fringe guide with you so keep reading before you commit to having the big hair cut with lots of upkeep. As always, don’t forget to #wearcliphair.

Square face fringes

I hear a lot about softening a square face, I do not like this term but drawing attention to your eyes if you have a square face shape is the ultimate goal. The best fringe to help you do this is a tapered fringe, preferably one that is eyebrow grazing like Rhianna rocked for a while.

Fringes are often the hardest to get right for square face shapes, sorry ladies, so if you want to try before you commit to having a permanent fringe I would suggest trying Cliphair’s fringe piece, it and can be clipped in as far forward or back as you want to get the length you want.


Round face fringes

If you are like me and have a rounder face you will know we need to choose our fringe shape carefully. I have definitely made the mistake of getting the wrong shape and actually made my face appear fuller than it actually is. The shape we need to go for is a thicker fringe with a curved shape.

This is best for our bone structure. I don’t know about you but anything that can show off my cheekbones instead of my round cheeks is a big bonus.


Heart face fringes

Heart faced ladies are lucky as they can get away with most fringe types. If you have a more prominent chin and want to help balance your face definitely go for a side swept fringe. To bring attention to your eyes and cheekbones. If you like a beachy vibe wavy fringes also look great of women with heart-shaped faces.


Oval face fringes

I am in love with wispy fringes on an oval face. You can have wavy fringes but oval faces ladies can have shorter foreheads so it isn’t the most flattering. What does look great is straight fringes that can even look good with a gentle central partition or sweeping your fringe to the side? I personally am not a big fan of thicker fringes on oval faces ladies so if you are like me, go for a thinner layer of hair to create your fringe with.


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