Bright red lipstick, stripes, glamorous berets, pumps and ballet shoes… How many great things did French fashion bring to our attention? When talking about hair, the relaxed look of French blonde – high contrast and with deep roots – has its very own irresistible charm. And as French blonde – a free-hand balayage technique – becomes trendier and trendier with the imminent arrival of summer, it’s worth mentioning how you can enhance its allure with the aid of Remy hair extensions.

What Is French Balayage?

The French balayage is a technique that involves painting small sections of hair with alternating colours; it differentiates from the classic balayage in boldness and contrast, being edgier than the traditional version – but always in a super glamorous way. Choosing a French balayage as your go-to hair colour for this summer is a great way to add dimension and depth to your tresses like a fancy European girl! This type of look works wonders on brunettes with dark brown or black hair that want to go lighter without resorting to scalp bleaching, but it can also be a clever way to add extra brightness to lighter tresses.
As the name may have already been given away, the French balayage originated in France as an artsy variation of what is commonly known as “full-head highlights”.

How Is French Balayage Done?

The French balayage is obtained by applying colour to the hair in subtle, layered strokes. It's often done on long or medium-length hair, but it can also be used on shorter styles – and works particularly well with wavy hairstyles and soft curls. The goal of French Balayage is to create natural-looking highlights and lowlights without using a cap or foils (which are often used in traditional highlighting). Unlike the classic balayage, the French balayage uses a bolder “free hand” method that ensures every balayage is unique!

What are the Benefits of French Balayage?

French balayage is a low-maintenance hair colour technique that gives you a natural look. It's versatile and can be used to create many different styles, from subtle strokes of light to bold, dramatic ombre effects.

How to Choose A Colour For French Balayage?

Choosing the right colour for your hair can be difficult, especially if you've never done it before or if you’re trying to explore a shade you’ve never considered. A good hair professional will be able to guide you through the process, suggesting the colours that work best with your natural palette and style. If you’d like to know more about this, check out our dedicated post: How To Choose A New Hair Colour?

How to Care for French Balayage?

Caring for your French balayage isn’t hard at all, in fact – this is one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles. However, like every hair job that involves bleaching and lightening, your hair care will need to focus on moisture, bond building and restoring the protein balance in your tresses. To achieve all of this, make sure that the shampoo and conditioner you use are sulfate-free and jam packed with a nourishing formula.
Sulfates can cause colour fade over time, and they are also bad for Remy hair extensions! 

Secondly, try to avoid heat styling as much as possible, as heat damage can cause brassy tones in blonde hair! Before using any heat-based styling tools, make sure you apply a generous amount of heat protectant spray to your tresses to shield them from brittleness, breakage and dryness. Finally, why not try heatless styling techniques? Find out more on our blog: How To Get Heatless Curls In 12 Easy Ways.

Last but not least: incorporating masks into your routine will help keep those pesky crinkly ends away while nourishing your scalp!

What are the Different Types of French Balayage?

Now that you know what French balayage is, it's time to get into the nitty-gritty details. There are a few different types of this technique that you can try out for yourself.

  • Reverse French Balayage: This look involves using darker shades of brown or black at the base of your hair and then gradually fading them into lighter hues as they move up toward your face. It gives off an edgy vibe that works great with any outfit!
  • Bronde Balayage: This style combines warm golden tones with cool ash browns for a natural sun-kissed effect on brunettes (or those who want to go blonde). It's perfect if you're looking for something low maintenance but still want some dimension in your locks! 
  • Sun Kissed Balayage: This variation uses vibrant reds along with other bright colours like orange, yellow and blue--all blended together seamlessly so they look like they were naturally dyed by Mother Nature herself! Try creating this look with the help of balayage hair extensions.

How Long Does French Balayage Last?

The longevity of your French balayage depends on a few factors. The first is the colour you choose, including toners. Another factor is how often you wash your hair and how well you take care of it in general – if you're not using heat protectant products before styling or brushing out tangles gently, then there's a good chance that some of your colour could fade away before its time.
The average lifespan of French balayage will vary depending on these factors, but it can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on how well-maintained it is!


French Balayage is a great way to achieve natural-looking low-maintenance hair colour that can last for months. With the help of a professional stylist, you can choose the perfect colour for your skin tone and hair type, and maintain your balayage with regular trims and the right hair care products.

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