Textured knot braid tutorial

In case you hadn’t noticed, textured hair is massively trending at the moment, and I love it! If you are going to the gym or hitting the beach in search for that summer body, you will know that your hair will have texture whether you want it or knot (excuse the pun). This style allows you to use your texture as a massive asset and, you guessed it, a knotted finish. This a great post workout or day look and is easy to achieve. So keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to get this look and show it off by #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

As I mentioned above, the key to this look is texture. The other thing that is really important is volume. If you have just gone for a workout you probably have plenty of texture but if you haven’t,  fake it. This is a low style add your Cliphair extensions from your ears down for the best effect. Having really smooth hair is super important so before you add your texture spray and brushing the product through your locks. Create a side part and sweep your hair over your shoulder. Take out any strands you want to frame your face, rub some wax between your fingers and wind these strands around your index finger to create loose curls.



Step number 2: form your base

Now you have all your preparation sorted, it is time to start creating your look. Take a two-inch section from the back of your hair, right at the nape of your neck. Divide it in half then bring the two halves in from of the back to the form of your hair. Knot these strands and take the ends to these sections around the back. Cross them over and add some strands to these sections. Bring them around the front again, knot it and take the ends to the back again. Repeat this another 3 or 4 times until you get to the end of your hair.



Step number 3: finish off your look

Once you have created the knots all the way to the end of your hair secure your hair with a clear hair tie. To make this style really stand out gently tug on each of your knots. This helps them stands out, otherwise, the intricacy can get lost in the texture of your hair. To finish the look wrap some hair around the hair tie, pinning it in the back to conceal it and add hairspray.


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