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Steal their style the Tomb Raiders


Lara Croft is known for being independent and determined with guts. This is the same for the fabulous actresses that have played the Tomb Raider character. We know she loves action, adventure and guns but she is also is a gutsy and driven person who is definitely a woman to look up to. Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander are also brilliant and stylish women who are totally right to play this lady but are incredibly stylish in their own right. Let’s check them out so we can steal their style.



A vintage affair

There is nothing low class about this look. With bright red lips and nails and a stunning green outfit, she looks classic and amazing. If you are going to a work dinner this is amazing style. What really makes it special though is her hairstyle. I am totally in love with the 40’s look. It is a look that never goes out of style and can turn a work outfit into something spectacular instantly. Just make sure you have enough volume on your head, if in double blend in your hair extensions.



The eye of the tiger

With a subtle cat eyeshadow and a tiger on her jacket, this style is all about style and edge. This ultra long ponytail has been rocking catwalks for years and with good reason. They are understated yet sleek as they help to make any outfit seem expensive but it won’t overshadow. Nobody has hair this perfect, the key to it is hair serum and extensions. Ponytail extensions or even extensions clipped around your hair tie will give you ponytail instant body and drama. Make sure you have a good base so the extra weight won’t pull your ponytail down and twist a few strands around the base of your ponytail so no one will know you are wearing extensions. You will look great.



60’s Alicia

Alicia has performed in several period films as well as firework-worthy action flicks. From Anna Karenina to The Danish Girl she looks good in any time period and is often styled in photoshoots, as is the case here. This style is particularly 60’s and is the star of this look. With a subtle mauve jumper, eye shadow and lips, most of the of the styles are very subdued, but not her hairstyle. This is a long way from the Tomb Raider braid. You will need a lot of height to pull off this dramatic look so think beehive. Once your hair is pinned in place at the back make sure you have a decent section of hair left out to sprit with a texture spray.



Futuristic femme

This is sup easy but super sexy. I love this look and when you are wearing a dramatic dress at a movie premiere (or anywhere) you don’t want to let down your outfit with your hairstyle. The key is to divide your half-up style in half up the top. This creates a futuristic line which is very editorial, the rest is hair ties and you will have perfection.

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