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Monday morning hairstyle saviour- the criss cross ponytail

It is Monday again, oh yay (note the sarcasm). After a busy of partying or lazy weekend enjoying the sun Monday blues don’t just apply to your mood, your hair can have it too. If you are anything like me your hair will just not be on a good hair day on most Mondays. Crazy and frizzy hair always seems to be standard when you wake up late. This is particularly on Mondays for most people, probably because of what we are up to on the weekend. Alcohol consumption and Friday and Saturday night madness can really mess with the quality of your hair.  The only way to combat is to find the silver lining and use the qualities of your bad hair and use it to make this criss-cross style.



Step 1: Even texture

This may sound like an oxymoron but you want your mess to be manageable and for that to happen it needs to be even all over. This sounds crazy, stay with me. Pop your hair extensions in, if they aren’t already, and grab your texturising spray. Run it through with your fingers. By having your mess, or texture to put it nicely, throughout rather than in one specific spot it looks deliberate rather than just mess.

Step 2: time to divide

It is time to work out what hair you are dealing with. You are going to separate a one-inch section of hair from behind each ear and pin it out of the way for now. Gather your hair at the crown draping the left side over the right. Pinch the hair at the top of your crown a little before you pin your cross in place so you retain some of the volume. Don’t be afraid to use a few extra hair pins the volume is the difference between making this bland or stylish.




Step 3: make some shape

It is time to use those inch sections near your ears. These are going to become the next cross but to make it more interesting you can either create a mini fishtail braid with each half or twist them to form a twist braid. This will be at eye level for anyone who is standing behind your so if you want to add some pizzazz to your style this is the row to do it with. Continue to take sections either side of your face to create more crosses and pin them in place.


Step 4: The finishing touches

Now that the crosses are complete it is time to gather the remaining hair into a low ponytail and secure with a clear hair tie. Rub a coin size amount of hair mousse on your fingertips and scrunch the ponytail section a bit to give it a little bit of volume. To turn this Monday morning recovery hairstyle into a night style try adding a lovely scrunchie, ribbon or jewelled clip it actually looks elegant with such a simple addition.




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